Russia’s attack on Ukraine on agenda for Halifax International Security Forum



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Russia’s war on Ukraine is at day 632 Canada’s defense minister says that even with war in the Middle East Canada has not forgotten about Ukraine that debate and that discussion is is perfectly healthy and and and and fine but I’ve seen no abatement of of the United States commitment nor

Canada’s commitment or among our allies to continuing to support Ukraine for as long as it takes a Ukrainian Brigade published footage Thursday showing its Fighters capturing Russian Ines near bakut one of the bloodiest theaters of this war Ukraine launched a counter offensive in June aimed at retaking

Occupied land in the country’s south and east including bmot but progress has been slow the status of the war is a big Topic at this year’s Halifax International Security forum and that’s where we’ve reached our next guest Petro poreno is the former president of Ukraine Mr poreno it’s good to speak with you

Again thank you very much indeed for the invitation and thank you for the hospitality in Khalifa when we spoke about a year ago when you were at this conference the eyes of the world were squarely on the conflict between Ukraine and Russia after Russia’s invasion of your country but

Now the world is paying increasing attention to what’s happening between Israel and Hamas are you concerned that the security focus of a lot of the western allies are are shifting towards the Middle East and away from what’s happening in Ukraine no because the center the reason

Of this war both in Gaza Strip in Israel and in uh uh Ukraine a massive invasion is the same and the center of this is Russia and the initiative of this is Putin and uh we have a lots of evidence but the Hamas terrorist was trained by the Vagner instructor which was return

Back from Ukraine where they killing civilians and participating the disaster Act of terrorism at the same time the whole world should understand that when we have a victory of uh uh Ukraine on Russia War when we threw Russian away and deize Russia that will definitely finish the war in Israel the occupied

Territory in transnistria in Georgia make free Bell Russia and we bring a huge geopolitical changes in the world it’s a more than 600 days since Vladimir Putin invaded your country um it has required a lot of Aid and support from Western countries and there seems to be a change happening

In the United States where the the next bit of legislation to get some key us Aid is stuck in Congress How concerned are you about what appears to be a shift to changeing Attitudes in the US House of Representatives on this I stay optimistic and have an opportunity to speak with the uh

Senators and congressmen bipartisan they are full of decisiveness to uh vote and support of Ukraine and to continue this support and with that situation we do not accept that the considerably small group of the populist can uh ruin the bipartisan support vast majority of the American people and American Congress that’s why I’m

Optimistic but I cannot accept that the ocean of the global support of Ukraine can narrow to the river and then to the stream and this bring to their total defeat of the world because again we fighting not only for our sovereignity and territorial Integrity we fighting for their freedom for democracy and

Assisting Ukraine all the Free World all the NATO member states investing in your own security investing in your own uh military defense industry and with that situation there is no Gray Zone this is like on bicycle you can either go or fall and this is impossible to be to

Stay in the middle because you can either together with Putin and take respons responsibility on bcha crimes on marup crimes on the dozens of thousands Ukrainian civilian which Putin kill or to be on their uh Light Side on democracy and freedom and do your best to bring us to our common Victory

Because that would not be just a victory for Ukraine that would be the victory of the whole free world and I am no doubt that United by values people in US in Canada in Europe in the whole world definitely do their best to bring us to this Victory Ukraine in any case pays

Paid the biggest price for that the lives of our soldiers the lives of our people oh there’s no question there um and I know you say you remain optimistic that a small group of populists in the Congress can’t tie this up but that small group has has caused a lot of

Challenges uh in the United States in in the last couple of weeks we’re seeing some public opinion polling showing some softening of support so when you speak to congressmen and senators in the US what what kind of a reassurance uh are they able to give you that they can get

This done and get this done fast again as my friend the Estonian prime minister says that uh uh okay this is a democracy and this is the price for the Democracy this discussion and we should be uh should deliver the arguments which bring to the decision but my question is does democracy makes

Us weaker this is exactly what Putin expect or democracy makes us stronger and the people who were elected the uh representative who were elected by the people of us I have no doubt which is United by values understand that they are voting uh supporting Ukraine that they are

Voting supporting us or are the alternative they support Russia we definitely need weapons but this is weapons Supply Supply By Us by Canada would be replaced and money stay in the country right and undoubtedly we pay higher price because I am on the front line every single week I meet with the

Soldiers and I lost my friends I lost my uh party team and this is a disastrous to be on the funeral every single week and with that situation I all the time when I’m in us when I’m in Canada when I’m in Europe feeling the strong

Shoulder of our partner and I have no doubt that we will definitely win this war together I wonder s if I could get your sense of where the war is right now your sense of the status of this conflict because as I said over 600 days uh the Counterattack was able to capture

Back a lot of the territory but Russia has entrenched and set up defensive positions and the front line has gotten a bit static I mean what’s your sense of where this conflict is right now and the chances of of Ukraine making further breakthroughs look this is not a Hollywood film Hollywood movie right

Where hoval sitting with a popcorn and expecting the immediate results uh as in the within two hours we have a every single day very severe fighting every single day one almost 1,000 of Russian Orcs Russian terrorist are killed several uh dozens of their tank and personal carriers is destroyed and

With this situation I have absolutely confident that every single day we have a certain positive movement you will see their situation in the Black Sea when we renew uh the grain Corridor save the world from the hunger and move Uh Russian Navy from the Crimea port to the

Novos cair because Russia cannot protect the Navy we have a certain success of the Left Bank of the hon region where three hour Brigade of the Marine yesterday expanded our plat Dam on the Left Bank we have a severe fighting not given any tiny chance for Russia to have

A progress in ofd in Maran in B Nar and with this situation we do not have a significant results in counter offensive but for that as general zi said as ukrainians said we need a very special and technological things for de mining we need a very special things for the

Radio electronic Warfare system and we create already by ourselves the effective things against Russian operative tactical drones and uh Russian Artillery we need a counter battery to make an effective our and efficient our artillery and at the end of the day we need an Air Force and F-16 because no

NATO strategy can exist uh for the offensive operation without the uh Air Force and we do a miracle for more than 630 days we stop Russian army we make it free from Russian occupation more than 10% of the occupied territory and we definitely have a certain success

Against second army in the world so we trans transformed Russian army from second army in the world to Second Army in Ukraine and this is a good transformation but please democracy means responsibility and this is our common war and let’s keep Unity be together believe in our Victory and make

It free from the Russian occupants uh Ukrainian soil and open door for Ukraine in NATO because this is the question for the sustainable security situation on the Contin and in the world Petro poreno former president of Ukraine it’s always good to speak with you thanks for joining us

Again today sir thank you David thank you very much indeed

The status of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a big topic at this year’s Halifax International Security Forum, despite global focus shifting to the Israel-Hamas war. Former president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, remains optimistic about international support for his country.

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  1. "Ukrainian officials in the eastern Zaporozhye Region are being investigated for allegedly stealing massive amounts of humanitarian aid sent to them. They are accused of looting hundreds of freight cars’ worth of goods.

    Raids at offices and addresses associated with the suspected embezzlers were reported on Tuesday. Agents of the SBU, Ukraine’s successor to the KGB, and the anti-corruption agency NABU conducted the operations, according to a statement by the agencies. "
    The region is mostly controlled by Russian forces, but its capital Zaporozhye is not"

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