Rosalynn Carter in Home Hospice Care, Confirms Carter Center

Former President Jimmy Carter and his wife former first lady Rosalynn Carter sit together during a reception to celebrate their 75th wedding anniversary Saturday, July 10, 2021, in Plains, Ga.

“Rosalynn Carter, Former First Lady, is in hospice care at home in Plains, Georgia, where she joins her husband, former President Jimmy Carter, who has been receiving end-of-life care since February. The couple, married for 77 years, is the longest-married presidential couple in U.S. history.

Power Couple Facing End-of-Life Care

The family announced earlier this year that Rosalynn Carter, now 96, has been suffering from dementia. Meanwhile, her 99-year-old husband, former president Jimmy Carter, has been in hospice care at home since February. Despite their health challenges, the couple remains alert and have been together through Jimmy Carter’s rise from their Georgia farm to his election as president in 1976. Following his 1980 defeat, the couple established The Carter Center in Atlanta to advocate for human rights, democracy, and public health.

Tributes Pour In

Numerous tributes poured in following the announcement of Rosalynn Carter’s hospice care. Georgia Sen. Raphael Warnock called her “a remarkable woman of great faith,” and Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of the World Health Organization, acknowledged their dedication to making the world a better, fairer, and healthier place.

Lifetime Dedication to Public Service

Rosalynn Carter’s legacy goes beyond her role as a top presidential adviser. She became one of the world’s leading advocates for mental health care and elevating the role of caregivers in American life. Her influence extended to the Carter administration, where she helped push through significant health care legislation. She continued her work after their White House years and helped developing nations confront their lack of mental health resources.

Leaving a Lasting Impact

At the height of the Carters’ political power, Washington’s press corps dubbed Rosalynn Carter “the Steel Magnolia,” a testament to her quiet grace and tough core. She expanded the role of First Lady, working in her own office in the East Wing and huddling with the president’s advisers. Her influence and impact have been likened to influential first ladies, including Eleanor Roosevelt and Hillary Clinton.

Rosalynn Carter remains at the center of her husband’s political campaigns, starting with his first state Senate race in 1962. Advocating for mental health and reducing stigma were important issues for her, making a lasting impact by bringing people’s struggles to the forefront.

In Conclusion

The tribute to the Carters and their lifelong dedication to public service is a reminder of the impact one couple can make on the world. Their lasting influence resonates in their work and their devotion to each other, serving as an inspiration for future generations and those who seek to make a positive impact in the world.”



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