Quebec resident claims racial profiling and police abuse at Edmonton International Airport

Quebec man alleges racial profiling, police brutality at Edmonton International Airport


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“Quebec Man Calls for Independent Investigation Into Alleged Abuse and Racial Profiling at Edmonton Airport

Chrislain Kenfack, an advocate for anti-racism, has come forward with disturbing allegations of abuse and racial profiling by RCMP officers and airport security staff at Edmonton International Airport. Kenfack, who teaches courses on racism and conflict resolution, is demanding independent investigations into his claims of discriminatory treatment and excessive force.

Allegations of Discriminatory Treatment

Kenfack’s ordeal began on April 28, when he was scheduled to fly to Ottawa with his two young children. He reported being subjected to discriminatory security screening and then mistreated, insulted, and ultimately arrested by police. Kenfack, an immigrant from Cameroon, has accused police and security officers of targeting him because of his race.

The RCMP has acknowledged that the conduct of three officers is under investigation by its national watchdog, the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission. Meanwhile, the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) has denied any wrongdoing by its employees. Kenfack bravely made his claims public at a news conference in Ottawa, accompanied by the Red Coalition, a Montreal-based anti-racism lobby group advocating on his behalf.

Shockingly, Kenfack’s encounter with security officers at the airport caused him to miss his flight, and he was subsequently arrested and charged. Despite having the charges against him dropped, Kenfack is determined to seek accountability and justice for the traumatic experience he and his children endured.

The Traumatic Encounter

Kenfack described a humiliating and distressing experience at the airport, claiming that he was singled out for an invasive and prolonged search while two white passengers were not subjected to the same treatment. He further alleges that airport staff dismissed his appeals for help and accused him of “playing the race card.” The situation escalated when RCMP officers intervened, leading to Kenfack being violently arrested in front of his terrified children.

The significance of Kenfack’s allegations is not lost on retired RCMP sergeant Alain Babineau, now director of racial profiling and public safety for the Red Coalition. Babineau believes that Kenfack’s mistreatment was baseless and vindictive, calling for a criminal investigation to address the injustices perpetrated against him.

Facing Racial Bias

Chrislain Kenfack’s story sheds light on the challenges faced by Black Canadians in navigating systemic racial bias and discrimination. His courageous decision to speak out against the alleged abuse and racial profiling is a call to action for independent investigations and thorough accountability.

The need to confront and address instances of racial profiling and injustices against Black Canadians must be a collective endeavor. Only through unwavering commitment to justice and equity can we strive towards a society free from the shadows of racial bias and discrimination. Chrislain Kenfack’s experience serves as a reminder of the work that lies ahead in creating a fair and inclusive Canada for all.”


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