Quebec nurse finds her own cancer diagnosis amid health-care delays



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Marine dor paron has ovarian cancer she is fighting for her life but she also had to fight to receive a diagnosis and treatment I was able to see a doctor within 3 days that’s good and then I got my ultrasound 3 days after that that’s

Good and then I waited and I waited and I waited she was waiting for an appointment with a gynecologist she is in her mid-50s and was spotting so she knew there was something wrong do because I’m a nurse when I went back to work after my vacation I had checked my

File she says her ultrasound showed two very large masses on her ovaries size of a mango or a grapefruit on one ovary her file also contained a referral for an MRI and blood work two weeks had passed since that initial appointment and she says she still hadn’t received a call to

Schedule any of the things recommended her friend who works in a hospital told her to come to the so they could get the ball rolling the blood test said it looks like ovarian cancer she says it took more than a month for her to get the much needed referral for the

Gynecologist but by that time de had already received the exams and surgery she needed because she is a nurse and she pushed dor says she’s speaking out because she sees these kinds of delays happen too often as a nurse it makes me feel very angry ovarian cancer Canada

Says a fourth of Canadians diagnosed every year are quebecers a recent study by the organization shows the province has the highest rates of ovarian cancer patients visiting the ER to obtain Urgent Care at that point you’re very likely to be stage three or stage four cancer ovarian cancer is the deadliest

Type of gynecological cancers Fiona says getting treatment as soon as possible is crucial for a woman’s survival as for D she is calling on the government to improve the current health care System it’s so broken so that women like her can live long healthy lives Gloria Enriquez Global News Montreal

A Quebec nurse is speaking out and demanding a solution to appointment delays for cancer diagnoses and treatment, which can mean the difference between life and death.

Maureen Dore-Parent had an inkling something was wrong this summer in late August when she started spotting. And after an initial referral to see a gynecologist in 28 days, the 57-year-old decided to take matters into her own hands.

“I checked my file and the ultrasound,” she said. “What it showed was a very, very large mass, like the size of a mango or a grapefruit, on one ovary and another one on the other ovary the size of a lime.”

Because of her background as a nurse, Dore-Parent said she knew to push and had connections others don’t. Other people, who don’t know to push, would still be waiting for answers and falling through the cracks, she said.

Global’s Gloria Henriquez has the details.

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