Project Finito: Police in Toronto make huge drug seizure



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Good morning everyone and thank you for joining us here today as we announce the results from Project venito I am pleased to be joined by superintendent Steve watts of organized crime enforcement the Toronto police services organized crime enforcement Drug Squad major project section and the organized crime task force are

Responsible for the success of this investigation with the support of Canada Border Services Agency and the PE Regional Police Service the criminal intelligence service of Ontario also assisted the Toronto police service with this investigation through direct funding provided by the government of Ontario project phito was an investigation into the importation and

Distribution of large amounts of illicit drugs in the greater Toronto area in front of me today you can see that there’s a staggering amount of crystal meth methamphetamine and cocaine that was destined for the streets of Toronto the Toronto Police Service will continue to dedicate the resources necessary to keep dangerous drugs off

The street and I want to personally thank all of those members who participated in this investigation I will now ask superintendent watts to discuss the case with more detail good morning thank you Deputy it’s uh my privilege to stand in front of you today and uh relay to you the

Results of this um investigation project feno was a three and a half month investigation involving a major importation distribution Network in the city of tonell GTA and Beyond was involving Crystal methan phetamine and powder cocaine the very hard work of the members of the Tonto police major drug

Unit has result resulted in the seizure of 551 kilos of cocaine which you see to the right and left of me with bricks and 441 kilos of crystal meth which you see in the front in the bags there’s also one firearm seized a vehicle seized and a quantity of

Canadian currency was seized as proceeds this total of 992 kg of illicit drugs has an estimated street level value of $90 million it is the single largest seizure of crystal methamphetamine and powder cocaine in the history of the Tonto Police Service seven individuals have been arrested and charged and are alleged to

Have committed offenses in relation to these uh narcotics and on you as Deputy Johnson mentioned the drugs were destined for the streets of Toronto and Beyond and would have inflicted significant damage on our communities both from a public safety and a public harm for all of our

People that are uh you know suffering from the addiction of drugs so intercepting the flow of these drugs has prevented many overdose deaths as we know is a very heartbreaking and challenging aspect that’s facing in society today this significant seizure demonstrates our commitment to community safety and the well-being of all

Members I’d like to personally thank members of tonal police major drug section organized crime task force PE region Canada Border Services Agency and the criminal intelligence service of Ontario for their continued support in relation to these projects I’ll now take any questions in relation to this

Can you speak about um the seizure of these drugs where they happened when under you know any circumstances multiple yeah there was a series of search warrants I believe there was nine search warrants conducted so there was residential business premise vehicle search warrants um there was interdiction at the borders as well so

Over the course since uh the summer the summer of this year until late October this investigation was ongoing as you said this is a staggering number of of drugs that you confiscated um and crimes that you interrupted can you talk about the impacts this will have um especially

When it comes to the costs on on on the streets yes thank you that’s a good question um we’re often asked you know does this make a difference and I can tell you that this absolutely makes a difference this amount of controlled Subs has taken off um it created a

Market fluctuation in Ontario in essence the price the price of cocaine going up significantly because of this seizure and because of the excellent work by our members we often hear about the toxic drug Supply do you have a sense if this cocaine this Crystal me there’s fenel in

It or is that something that’s added after or can you speak to to that aspect of it yes um toxic drug Supply is a reference to essentially the street level the street level cocktails that people are are taking and people are are consuming so to your point yes more accurately

This I would suggest I’m going to suggest and that this is all high level Purity um the quants will be as part of the evidence and to your point it would be added later so we know that Crystal cocaine mixed with fenel other opioid analoges um Etc that’s where the

Toxicity comes in and that’s where the danger to our public lives we know that organized crime pass force is involved here can you talk about the individuals who are facing charges uh what what you can say about them and their role um within the system well I can talk that they were

Well there’s seven of them there’s all GTA residents two of them are still currently in custody five received bail um their role would be obviously the responsibility of you know of x amount of kilos in any organization different individuals are trusted with different levels of amount amounts of product so

The people that have been um charged with this and that we’re alleging have committed the offenses um are I would say at the runner level at the runner level but fairly high runner level and uh because to be trusted with this amount it’s significant was this seizure these

People that have been arrested in charge they part of a known or crime organization that you can speak to is there specific gang that is responsible for this or can you speak to the organized crime aspect of it um I’m not going to speak to any specific organized crime I mean this is

The conclusion um this is the end of a project and um I’m not going to speak to the evidence in terms of the source of this

The Toronto Police Service announced the results of a drug investigation dubbed Project Finito and showed off the massive seizure.

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