Pro-Palestinian protests erupt in Jordan, Lebanon, West Bank, Greece: “You are not alone”


Protests erupted in multiple parts of the world on Friday in solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza. Demonstrators in Jordan, Lebanon, West Bank and Greece took to the streets to show their support for Gaza and call for an end to the ongoing conflict.

“We are here to send a message to Gaza and tell all of them that you are not alone; the whole Arab community and Muslim world stand by your side,” said Sheikh Ali Youssef, Deputy of Palestine Scholars in Lebanon.

In Jordan, the President of the National Forum to Support the Resistance Roula Al-Hroub stated that “We are here to hold the U.S. administration accountable for the war crimes that are being committed in the Gaza Strip — with the knowledge and view of the whole world.”

Meanwhile, in Greece, the annual march in Athens to mark the anniversary of a bloody 1973 student uprising also turned its focus to the Israel-Hamas conflict, with protesters carrying Palestinian flags and banners reading “free Palestine.”

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