Prince Harry and Meghan accused of leaking details of birthday phone call to King Charles



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Okay the First episodes of the Crown’s final season are out and a birthday call from Harry and Megan to King Charles joining us for a royal Roundup is Patricia treble Patricia good morning to you good morning on this Friday morning yes okay I think this was being seen as

A gesture of Goodwill but this birthday call to the king is now being criticized by some who are accusing Harry and Megan who we know have been very protective of their privacy of leaking the details to the Press what do we know so Anonymous briefings is what these are

You know because these are anous people talking very anonymously and Harry has railed about Anonymous briefings in the past and yet when this comes out it’s incredibly positive to Harry Megan so I think it’s fair to say although we do not know what side did the leaking um

And this is you know it’s kind of you know he’s being hoisted by his own pitard um what it also says is that he broke the ice I mean they these people have not been talking for basically an entire year um and Harry and Megan have

Not had the best year and so I think they’re trying to end it on a good note and I think that’s what a lot of this is and also his dad is turning 75 and he’s going to wish him happy birthday MH okay all right uh at the top of the show we

Were talking about seeing Megan on the red carpet last night in La at the power of women Awards and on the red carpet she was asked about the recent streaming success of her old show Suits have a listen what do you think is behind this this renewed love for the show why has

It become such a phenomenon again I have no idea it’s it was great to work on such a great cast and crew we had a really fun time I was on it for Seven Seasons so quite a bit but it’s just it’s it’s hard to find a show you can

Binge watch that many episodes of these days so that could have something to do with it but good shows are Everlasting so uh I don’t know is this we’ve talked about her possible comeback in into Hollywood into acting uh are you sensing anything I don’t know I mean I

Think I think basically the suss thing is amazing because it shows the power of Netflix to to raise something that was you know was a cable show and just make it a huge International phenomenon again we don’t know at at other points they were asking about what she’s got going

On and she talks in very generalities about you know exciting things coming down the pipeline but again no detail and this is I think we’ve been talking on this there’s simply nothing that has been announced officially the last official announcement from Netflix was a year ago and it was the Harry Megan

Series mhm so yikes all right well speaking of Netflix the first four episodes of the final season of the crown are now out and by the way we’re going to do our best not to uh put any spoilers out there for anyone who has not had a chance to see them all you

Have though you’ve screamed them screamed them Patricia and uh what is your overall impression because the reviews The Early reviews have not been great and I’m I’m right on board for that and I’m going to be honest it’s the summer Diana and you look at the the the

Graphics it’s clear it’s the summer Diana we’re not giving anything away it was flat uh there was no dramatic tension it m was how I kind of came out of it um and I was wondering why that was the difference because I L the first few seasons they were amazing drama and

I think because what those Seasons had was this melding of royal family drama and behind the scenes of political and world events and for this season there’s none of that and I think the uh writer and Creator Peter Morgan kind of painted himself in a corner

When he said he was going to extend to the sixth season because it is all Diana um 1997 is all Diana and there’s no avoiding it and he doesn’t seem to know what to do with it so basically the focus is on the you know she has a

Summer Fling with Dodie fed they’re in the south of France a lot you know they’re in the Mediterranean and there’s simply no there’s no chemistry between them like I didn’t see any and that is the problem H how do you how do you think they handled her death I thought

They handled it perfectly um not going to give anything away but they followed very closely because there was a lot of concern about how they were going to do it were they going to put a dramatic spin on it they played it very close to um the facts that were revealed in twoo

Exhaustive massive exhaustive investigations by the French and the British authorities and they played it bang down the line um what’s what I found kind of disappointing was the treatment of of Diana because this was her summer and she was at that point divorced a year she is strong she is

Confident in a lot of cases and that doesn’t really come across she comes across as very tentative in here she comes across as kind of being led in a lot of cases and that wasn’t I mean I was working in a newsroom at that point

And you had her she threw away all her War Royal wardrobe she auctioned it off for Charity she appeared Vanity Fair Mario testino those are glamorous photos which are the most iconic things and and that doesn’t come cross in this and what really the focus is really on her

Relationship with Dodie um and I think it was just a it was a miss all right well listen we’re going to have to leave it there for now but no doubt the crown and watching it is going to be a big part of a lot of people’s weekends I’m

Thinking exactly and there’s six episodes still to come in December that’s right the second half of the final season all right Patricia thank you so much have a great weekend you’re welcome

Royal expert Patricia Treble discusses the buzz around Harry and Meghan’s birthday call to King Charles, which was seen as a “gesture of goodwill”. Some critics say the couple leaked the details to the press in an anonymous briefing.

She also talks about Meghan Markle’s appearance at the Power of Women event and gives a nuanced review of ‘The Crown’ final season, delving into its portrayal of Princess Diana.

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