Prepare for stormy Atlantic Canada: Windy weather bomb threatens outages and heavy rains

Windy weather bomb eyes Atlantic Canada with outage risk, driving rains


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“Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island are bracing for a powerful storm that is expected to bring strong winds, heavy rainfall, and a risk of power outages. Halifax is expected to be the hardest hit area, with wind gusts of up to 90 km/h and the potential for trees and power lines to come down. As the storm tracks across the Maritimes on Saturday, heavy rain could lead to localized flooding in southern and central Nova Scotia.

Coastal Flooding and Power Outages

High winds and rough surf are anticipated along the coastline, raising the risk of coastal flooding. Forecasters predict the highest chance of power outages along the coast from Guysborough County up toward Sydney and the eastern half of Cape Breton Island. There is also a moderate chance for power outages in areas around Halifax, Truro, and Charlottetown.

Western Impact

The impact of the storm is expected to extend to New Brunswick and the western end of Prince Edward Island, where blustery conditions and heavy rains may lead to rainfall totals of 30-60 mm.

Staying Safe and Prepared

If you live in an affected area, it’s important to plan ahead for the storm and take precautions to stay safe during a power outage. Be prepared for the possibility of downed trees and power lines, and make sure to secure any outdoor objects that could become projectiles in high winds.

In Conclusion

As the storm approaches, it’s important for residents of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island to stay informed about the latest weather updates and to be prepared for potential power outages and flooding. By taking proactive measures, we can minimize the impact of the storm and stay safe until it passes. Let’s all do our part in staying safe and weathering the storm.”


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