Poilievre: Get tough with the “tyrants of Tehran” and ban IRGC from Canada


And we must stand up against the terrorist sponsors in tran let’s be clear here the the ter the tyrants of Tran are behind this war they’re the ones that coordinated it they’re the ones that paid for it what we need to do here in Canada is Ban the terrorist group The

Irgc which has 700 agents operating in Canada who who who can legally raise money recruit and terrorize Persian and Jewish Canadians I’ve called on Trudeau to ban the irgc and so far he refuses allowing these terrorists to operate these irgc Iranian back terrorists to operate with impunity on our so soil putting our

People at risk a common sense conservative government will ban the irgc

Speaking to reporters in Ontario on Friday, Conservative Party of Canada leader Pierre Poilievre blamed what he called the “tyrants of Tehran” for the ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel, and reiterated his call for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to ban the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) from Canada.

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  1. You need to have a coalition and non confidence vote asap .The more the war continues more likely hood of being a huge target . We support Isreal and therefore we have taken sides . I HOPE our inteligence is working overtime on monitoring closely .That includes CRTC with mandates to monitore chatter .

  2. Things Canadian people should know. The info that Security services know but can't be released to the public is probably frightening. If the Government does nothing then your waiting for a Canadian 9-1-1.


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