Players on team coached by woman facing sexual assault charges allege mental and emotional abuse

Female hockey coach charged with sexually assaulting teen girl player


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“Allegations of Abuse and Manipulation by Female Hockey Coach”

Two teenage hockey players have come forward with shocking allegations against former female U18 hockey coach, Madison Biluk. Biluk, who is currently facing 15 charges, including sexual assault and exploitation, has been accused of manipulating and displaying abusive behavior towards her players during her time as their coach in Alberta.

Players’ Allegations

According to the players, Biluk would frequently engage in inappropriate behavior, such as playing mind games and creating a toxic environment of mental and emotional abuse. One player revealed that Biluk would often twist their words if challenged, creating an atmosphere that required constant validation from their coach. They also noted instances of inappropriate behavior, such as Biluk staying up late drinking alcohol with the players and engaging in questionable physical contact with them during team events.

Another player added that while the idea of having a female head coach was initially exciting, Biluk’s behavior quickly became abusive and favored certain players over others. The player also mentioned instances of Biluk spending time with players outside of practice and communication with them outside of scheduled events, crossing a clear boundary between coach and player.

Parental Concerns and Lack of Accountability

Several parents had expressed their concerns in a formal letter to the president of the hockey association regarding Biluk’s behavior, but received no official response. One parent, Stacey Running Rabbit, shared her daughter’s difficult experience under Biluk’s coaching, emphasizing the need for better vetting and accountability in the hiring process.

Moving Forward

It is essential that those in positions of authority within hockey associations take allegations of this nature seriously and have proper channels for parents and players to voice their concerns without fear of repercussions. Ultimately, the safety and well-being of the players should be top priority. While the charges against Biluk have yet to be proven, it is crucial that an investigation is carried out thoroughly to ensure justice is served.

It’s important to open up conversations and encourage a supportive environment for players and parents alike. Regardless of the outcome of the case, the experiences detailed by these players should serve as a reminder that the safety and protection of young athletes should always come first.”


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