Justin Trudeau reacts to being surrounded by protesters | ‘It’s not about me’


There are concerns among many Canadians after watching what happened in Vancouver just before you came to ape how you were uh accosted at a restaurant I we’d like to know whether or not um you have any concerns about the level of anger out there in regards to Palestine

And how it’s affecting you as well as whether or not um what this says about your safety in a place where you normally feel very comfortable you know BC is very close to your heart I appreciate the question but it’s not about me I have been clear for weeks

Now the Canadians lashing out in anger to each other whether it’s a woman in a hijab getting spat on uh or a a a Jewish kid uh going to a college campus uh that’s not feeling safe or gunshots fired at Jewish schools or a terrifying rise in a islamophobia alongside the

Significant rise uh and very Troublesome rise in in uh in anti-Semitism right now the grief the anger uh the despair so many Canadians are feeling is bleeding over into each other we are not a country where Canadians should be scared of other Canadians we’re one of those places in

The world where diversity has been a source of richness of depth of strength for our country and I think we all have to commit ourselves every day to be there to listen to each other and to have compassion for each other I mean the conversations I’ve had over the past

Weeks in in mosks uh and in in at Jewish community centers there’s nobody who is rationally wishing ill on one of their neighbors regardless of of what their religion is or their story is or their background is and yet we find ourselves in a moment where the intensity of the emotions of

The fear of the grief that people are going through is having Canadians forget a little bit about who we are and my job as Canadian Prime Minister is to help bring Canadians back together to understand that if Canadians can’t figure out how to get along and remember to be compassionate and

Empathetic towards each other then where in the world is a solution for the conflict and the tensions in the Middle East going to come we have an important role to play and we need all Canadians to step up to meet that role

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke on the conflict between Israel-Hamas and the growing level of anger and tension in Canada.

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  1. The anger towards our Canadian government is anger from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? Lol no buddy. We hate you. I hate my government. Retired air force here, I trashed my uniform 2 years ago.
    Free Palestine

  2. This "leader" is so out of touch with reality. These protestors do not give a D#@##@ about Israel, Palestine, or Gaza. They are concerned about THEIR HOMES, THEIR FAMILIES and a government that forgot who they are supposed to serve. We cannot afford the luxuries of restaurant meals, we have enough trouble buying food so we can feed our families at home.

  3. You want to be an example, Justin? Then Why don't You start by showing that toward the other political parties in the House of Commons instead of treating them all like lower-status idiots and giving them absolutely no respect when you talk TO them or ABOUT them? Huh? How about that? Why not start there?

  4. It is all about YOU Justin…not Canada! We are ALL disenchanted and quite frankly disgusted with how you handle ALL things! You are inept and have no clue and you have made Canada a laughing stock! You are a pathetic "leader" and need to resign! 🙁 OWN IT!


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