International students have been forced into a nightmare thanks to Trudeau: Poilievre



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Thank you very important question um Justin Trudeau has allowed total chaos in the international student system and this is really an area where desan Frasier who was then the immigration Minister should be held to account he allowed corrupt consultants and phony universities and colleges to bring students here on false pretense those

Students now come here find out that their education institution is a fraud that they don’t have a home that they can’t pay their bills they’re stuck going to the food bank under Frasier in Trudeau International students have been forced to live under bridges and on streets uh beg for food sell themselves

Into prostitution and gangsterism overdose on drugs they came here with a dream that turned into a nightmare my Common Sense plan would verify that every student who comes here has a a real admission letter from a real educational institution b a home that they can identify with an address before they

Arrive and C a way to pay their bills that is either proof that they have enough savings to get them through their time here or a job that will provide them with adequate wages that will ensure that we that the students who arrive can eat heat and house themselves

That they’re actually coming to study and get a real education and then we can make their visit here a success and in many cas hopefully allow them to stay here and become Canadians

CPC Leader Pierre Poilievre said under Sean Fraser and PM Trudeau, international students have been forced into a ‘nightmare.’

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  1. Oh shut up. It says right on the visa application you’re responsible for your own food and lodging. Thats on the students themselves; not the politicians. You’re all for blaming the politicians until it’s about you, aren’t ya?

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