Hugh L. Fraser, Chair of Hockey Canada, to Step Down from Board; Not Seeking Re-Election

Hockey Canada chair Hugh L. Fraser not seeking re-election to board


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“Hockey Canada Board Chair Will Not Seek Re-Election”

Hugh L. Fraser, the chair of Hockey Canada’s board, has announced he will not be seeking re-election. Fraser, who made the decision in the summer, revealed that his decision was driven by a desire to pursue other projects related to safe sport.

Transition Achievements and Goals Met

Addressing his decision, Fraser expressed pride in the accomplishments made by the transition board and the plans set in motion to ensure that Hockey Canada becomes a leader in sport safety, governance, and equity within sporting organizations in Canada and globally.

Fraser, a retired judge, acknowledged that he felt duty-bound to help turn around Hockey Canada after the organization was at the center of public outrage due to its mishandling of sexual assault allegations and payouts to the victims.

The transition board, of which Fraser was a part, has led to a series of changes in the organization, including hiring a new president and CEO, investing in safe sport initiatives, implementing bylaw changes with additional oversight and accountability, and ensuring the organization’s finances are clear and transparent.

A New Era for Hockey Canada

With a new board of directors set to be elected and several significant bylaw changes recommended by the transition board, Fraser believes that Hockey Canada has returned to a healthier financial position. He leaves with restored government funding and the return of corporate partners.

However, Fraser’s exit happens amidst the backdrop of an investigative report into allegations of sexual assault involving members of the 2018 Canadian men’s junior hockey team, which is under appeal.

A Wave of Change

As the transition board of Hockey Canada aims to address public concerns, repair fractured relationships with stakeholders, and ensure operational stability, Fraser feels positive about the organization’s journey and its future trajectory.

So what does Fraser’s departure signify for the future of Hockey Canada? Let’s hope that his successor builds upon these achievements and continues to prioritize ethics, safety, and responsibility within the organization. It’s up to the incoming board to write the next chapter of Hockey Canada’s journey, and we hope that they continue to take bold action and hold themselves to a high standard of accountability.


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