Global National Nov. 17, 2023 | Hate-motivated incidents rising in Canada amid Israel-Hamas conflict



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On this Friday night hate crimes in Canada the alarming surge of threats and attacks against Jewish and Muslim communities nobody in any Community deserves to live in a state of fear the latest targets including a school and the response from politicians and police a fragile peace shattered the house got

Burnt completely with the people inside Global News gains access to the Israeli Village closest to the Gaza border as the humanitarian crisis on the other side hits a new low Canada’s single-use plastic band trashed why a federal court bended the Environmental Policy plus from the Prairies to Saturday Night Live calgarian pop star Tate McCrae is taking the Music World by Storm global national with far an Asser reporting tonight Jeff simple good evening and thank you for joining us the violence and tension in the Middle East is fueling a troubling Trend here in Canada and just the last 24 hours both an Islamic community center and a Jewish

High School in the Toronto area were forced to evacuate after they both received threats those incidents are just the latest in a surge of hate crimes following the Hamas attack on October 7th and Israel’s bombardment of Gaza Eric senson has our top story tonight again the same Toronto Jewish

School threatened a month ago was evacuated today after a bomb threat an email claimed multiple bombs had been placed in the building there were none but it’s another public expression of hatred nobody in any Community deserves to live in a state of fear deserves to live uh go to school or attend a

Community center or a religious institution where there is fear the same words could have been said by the cab driver who was stopped in this Toronto intersection way Wednesday asked if he was Muslim then sprayed with a substance in the face these incidents are increasing a mosque north of Toronto

Received threats this week a synagogue and Jewish Community Center in Montreal were the targets of firebombs last week attacks on businesses like Indigo books and Starbucks are increasing they come against the backdrop of violence in Israel and Gaza it’s led to protests across this country for Israelis and for

Palestinians but has also Unleashed anti-semitic and islamophobic hatred levels seldom seen here or gunshots fired at Jewish schools or a terrifying rise in islamophobia try as he might to navigate a middle ground there’s no position from the Prime Minister that hasn’t triggered a backlash at a restaurant this week he was accosted by

Angry protesters today he lamented what’s happening in a country built on diversity we find ourselves in a moment where the intensity of the emotions of the fear of the grief that people are going through is having Canadians forget a little bit about who we are authors one Jewish and one Palestinian are

Troubled by the one-sidedness in the disputes writing recently inflammatory statements are keeping us siloed in our tribes that can only lead to Greater polarization and social disharmony those who are asking us to take one side and and and not consider the other whatsoever are basically asking us to

Choose one humanity and ignore the other Humanity fracture in our discourse is harming both communities and we need to do better at the Tannon bomb School in Toronto the police had a simple plea a simple message there is no place for Aid in Toronto there no place for Aid terot

A message it seems that many are not hearing right now Eric senson Global News Toronto the World Health Organization says it’s extremely concerned about the spread of disease in Gaza conditions there are deteriorating rapidly with Israel’s ongoing assault many Palestinians who followed Israel’s evacuation order and fled Northern Gaza

Now face strikes in the overcrowded South the Israeli military pounded parts of Southern Gaza with deadly shelling overnight following through on threats earlier this week of an imminent military operation the UN warns the expanded offensive could have catastrophic consequences and a warning the video you’re about to see is disturbing Redmond Shannon

Reports unbearable grief Hospital staff in KH unun prepare more bodies for burial some are young children gaza’s second largest city is in the southern half of the Palestinian territory away from the main focus of Israel’s ground operation in Gaza City we were in Gaza City and because of

The conflict we moved to hunas all my sisters died and my son and daughter also I wish I had taken her in my arms my twin sister also died this week Israeli Defense Forces dropped leaflets on Eastern Kan Yunis warning residents they also need to move to safety Israel maintains Hamas targets

Are hiding in that area but for some families there was nowhere left to go British Palestinian Dr rassan Abu has finally fled Northern Gaza he says they ran out of anesthetics at Al AI hospital where he has been working this month making his job impossible it’s been a living nightmare leaving 500

Wounded knowing that there’s nothing left for you to be able to do for them it’s just the most heartbreaking thing I’ve ever had to do the Palestinian red crant says that hospital is now besieged with Israeli tanks close by as Israel’s raid on the nearby alif a

Hospital enters a third day Hamas is hidden inside the Israeli Defense Forces say Hamas militants were hiding out and holding hostages in and under that complex as gazin are forced to move around they are crowding into smaller areas under ever worsening conditions we are extremely concerned as well about

The spread of diseases the the Ministry of Health and reported already over 70,000 cases of acute respiratory infections over 44,000 cases of diarrhea Israel’s war cabinet said Friday in a response to a request from Washington it will allow two fuel trucks a day into Gaza to power

Water and sewage systems that’s 2 to 4% of the fuel Israel says Gaza used before October 7th the country’s National Security advisor says Israel doesn’t want the spread of disease to harm civilians or Israeli soldiers Redman Chan Global News London MERS gathered in the West Bank

City of Janine today for the funerals of three Palestinians killed during an overnight Israeli raid hundreds joined that procession the Israeli strikes also injured at least 15 others Israel says the strike targeted Hamas killing at least five of its members while Hamas says three of its Fighters died in that

Exchange funeral proceed also took place in Israel today for an Israeli soldier who was taken hostage by Hamas Israel’s military says the body of 19-year-old Noah Marciano was recovered from Gaza earlier this week Corporal Marciano was reportedly serving as a lookout in one of Israel’s border communities with Gaza

When Hamas began its attack on October the 7th well today we got a closer look inside one of those communities nativ hasara borders gaza’s Northern perimeter just minutes from the once bustling orz Crossing Israeli officials took journalists through a guided tour of that community and our Mike Armstrong was

There weeks have passed the war has not driving into nativ hasara a massive plume of smoke Rose in the distance from an explosion in Gaza right now only a handful of residents is allowed back the man leading the group is a photographer Benny Vayner says he’d rather be care in

A camera now it feels like a ghost town there are no cars and home after home sits empty but there also homes that are gone bilha and Yakov yonan were killed October 7th in the home where they raised their son the terrorist who came in they shot an RPG into the house and

The house got burned completely with the people inside the attackers that hit nativ hasara came on paragliders the man who shot got this video in it is heard asking where’s the Army well everyone Army included was caught by surprise 17 people in this community itself were killed here another two

Right by the Sea which is right next to us and another one that was killed coming in on our motorcycles altogether 20 people from this community were killed murdered that home behind me is the closest in this community to the Gaza Strip basically 20 or 30 meters

From the wall this is a community that’s so close that over the years when the sirens go off to alert them that Rockets are incoming they’ve got 5 or 10 seconds to find shelter now nativ hasara lives with the wall but it also has a gate one that’s

Decorated with a mural called the path to peace well right now anger is making that path hard to see I’m not believe in this like this I think it will be a lot of generations until we’ll be peace the Israeli government has said towns that are close to Gaza may not be

Allowed to return people are being put up in hotels for 3 months and then could be moved to New housing that idea is not going over well when we run away it’s me you lost so there is no option to run away I mean we left home but we are

Coming back Mike Armstrong Global News nativ Hasa Israel prime minister Justin Trudeau is heading home from San Francisco following the annual Summit of Pacific Nation leaders known as apek one leader in particular stole the spotlight Chinese president xiin ping signaled that he wants to improve his country’s relationship with the United States but

As our chief political correspondent David Aken reports China’s relationship with Canada is another story at a summit a year ago Chinese president xiin ping dressed down prime minister Justin Trudeau over a perceived slight this year things were slightly better the two leaders didn’t say a word

To each other at a summit photo op but later exchanged pleasantries as they passed each other in a hallway in addition to saying uh hello to president she talked about how we need to keep our uh officials and teams working together to try and create constructive dialogue

Around issues that matter to uh us individually but also matter to the World by contrast she met with US President Joe Biden for 4 hours and then spoke publicly about improved relations with the United States he even committed to sending pandas to a California zoo China believes in what it calls great

Power diplomacy and it looks at Canada as either a middle or a small power a place with which it does not have to Curry favor as a result here at Apec Trudeau spent his time improving relationships with the likes of Japan Mexico and Australia it is a complex

Relationship with China but Canada will continue to both stay strong anchored in our values and look for opportunities to contribute to economic growth and opportunities for Canadians now that said just before this summer got going the Chinese ambassador to the Canada said that China was ready to have quote

Rational relations with Canada though no details were given and in the meantime Canada is in the midst of a foreign interference inquiry and China is right in the middle of that Jeff David Aken in San Francisco thanks David world leaders and dignitaries are also gathering in Halifax this weekend for an annual

Global Security Summit opening day focused largely on the war in Ukraine but there’s a growing push to change the agenda and put the Israel Hamas War front and center Heidi petk reports 300 dignitaries and decision makers from around the world now in Halifax at a time of global conflict one

The president of the Halifax International Security Forum says began with Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine it was the type of attack that belongs in a different Century Paving the way said National Defense Minister Bill Blair for the deadly attacks by Hamas on Israel October 7th as he reiterated ottawa’s

Support of Israel in staging its defense the price of Justice cannot be the suffering of innocent civilians and the Productions of civilians remains Paramount but hamis but Hamas must stop using Palestinian civilians as human Shields this is Minister Blair’s first time at the alifax International Security forum and he acknowledged that

What he called recent challenges to rule-based International order won’t be solved here as many protests across the country continue to call for a ceasefire in the Middle East demonstrators in Halifax Gathering outside a restaurant where Forum dignitaries went on Thursday night thew two people were arrested including Mona

Mana who says she just wanted to speak to her local MP desperate to get her parents out of Gaza I had so much faith in the Canadian government that I do not I can’t say I have anymore I really can’t say that CE fire now this protest outside the for

Today small but with more planned this weekend outside of forum organizers insist is an important show of strength in a battle for democracy Blair said the world can’t afford to lose Heidi pic Global News Halifax first of all single-use Plastics persist coming up why the federal government’s plan to

Phase them out has been thrown out welcome back electric vehicle battery plant projects in Canada could cost a lot more than expected the Parliamentary budget Officer says provincial and federal support for manufacturing in Canada will cost nearly 6 billion above original projections that report analyzes the cost to

Governments in recent deals struck with northvolt Volkswagen and stellantis to locate their EV battery manufacturing facilities in Canada over the next 10 years it pegs the total cost of support at more than $43 billion rather than the 37 billion previously announced the shortfall is attributed to Lost corporate income tax

Revenues a federal judge has dealt a big blow to the liberal government’s single-use plastic ban Ottawa began phasing out some plastic products after adding them to a list of toxic items plastic producers and some Prairie Provinces called the move government overreach and a federal court agreed toia isri

Reports the once ubiquitous plastic bag the grocery store staple has been harder and harder to come by ever since the federal government shelved them last year we didn’t have enough time to prepare the owner of this Ottawa business made the move away from plastic but says the alternatives are more

Expensive and sometimes less practical the only thing about the paper bags is if you’re outside and it’s raining good luck your groceries have ended up all over the floor Ottawa says it’s a price worth paying the federal government labeled single-use Plastic Products as toxic because they’re hard to recycle it

Was a key step that allowed a national ban Sid stepping provincial Authority on Waste Management the classification of PL Plastics as toxic material was was U not only significant overreach on the part of government but it wasn’t necessarily informed by uh science or evidence plastic producers fought the

Ban in court with Saskatchewan and Alberta joining the challenge arguing it put jobs and investment at risk a federal judge sided with them calling ottawa’s actions unconstitutional and unreasonable it really hampers the government’s ability to curb plastic pollution which as we know is one of the biggest Environmental crises of our time

There’s a patchwork of similar bands across the country despite the ruling the big grocery chains don’t plan on bringing back plastic bags and neither do these Shoppers it does seem like a step backwards it seems like we’re kind of uh being slow to react I think we’ve adapted and we moved

In the right direction and I’d like to see that continue you know uh cuz there’s so much waste with uh with these bags the battle over the single use plastic ban is likely not over the environment Minister says the federal government is strongly considering an appeal teria is re Global News Ottawa still ahead why this unlikely Christmas duet is striking a chord the Las Vegas Formula 1 grand prix got off to a chaotic start last night qualifying rounds for the inaugural race were delayed after a Ferrari was badly damaged from running over a loose manhole cover action didn’t resume until

2:30 in the morning in front of a mostly empty grandstand you were handsome you were pretty you’re the king pH move over Taylor Swift the Kelsey Brothers have sung their way to the top of the charts on iTunes Travis the NFL star who is dating Taylor Swift and Clik

Haden herd joined his brother Jason who’s a Philadelphia Eagles player for a sibling duet it’s part of an album that’s on sale next month called a Philly special Christmas proceeds go towards Children’s Charities in Philadelphia from the studio here at the Alberta ballet to 30 Rock and Saturday

Night Live the rise of Calgary’s Tate McCrae coming up on global national And that is global national for this Friday I’m Jeff simple tonight’s your candada features a four-legged employee at downtown Edmonton’s oldest hotel treats Hendrick is the new Kine Ambassador at the Fairmont Hotel McDonald he was too social for his career as a guide dog so I’m sure he’ll

Fit right in at the hotel $5 from each guest pet fee will go towards Canadian guide dogs for the blind thanks for watching

In Canada, tensions from the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas have spilled over, resulting in two separate evacuations of an Islamic community centre and a Jewish high school near Toronto within 24 hours due to threats. This worrying trend comes amid a rise in hate-motivated incidents since the recent Hamas attack on Israel and Israel’s subsequent retaliation. Eric Sorensen reports.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) has raised alarm bells about the deteriorating conditions in Gaza, where the spread of diseases is becoming a serious concern. Israel’s military operation, involving land and air strikes, continues to pound Gaza, with the death toll increasing every day. The situation is particularly dire for those who have fled the north of Gaza, as they now face intensified attacks in the south. Redmond Shannon provides more details in this report.

Amid the ongoing conflict in Gaza, Israeli officials conducted a guided tour of the Netiv Haasara community, located on the northern perimeter of Gaza. The tour included a visit to the site where Corporal Marciano was reportedly serving as a lookout when Hamas began their attack on Oct. 7. Mike Armstrong reports.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has returned from the Asia-Pacific Economoic Cooperation (APEC) summit in San Francisco, Calif., where Chinese President Xi Jinping made it clear that he wants to strengthen his country’s ties with the United States. However, improving Canada’s relationship with China did not seem to be a priority. David Akin reports.

Global dignitaries are currently meeting at an annual global security summit in Halifax, where they have much to discuss with the violent conflicts happening around the world. The opening day mainly focused on the actions of Russian President Vladimir Putin, but there is a growing demand to address the Israel-Hamas conflict in the coming days. Heidi Petracek provides the details.

Additionally, in a recent ruling, a federal judge in Canada has overturned the government’s single-use plastic ban, which included items like bags, cutlery, and straws. This ruling has been seen as a victory for opponents of the ban and could have significant consequences for the Canadian government’s environmental policies. Despite this setback, some businesses have already made the move away from plastic, although they note that the alternatives can be more expensive and less practical. Touria Izri has the details.

Finally, Calgary’s rising star and TikTok sensation, Tate McRae, is all set to make her debut on ‘Saturday Night Live’ as a musical guest. With hit singles like “Greedy” and “You Broke Me First” dominating pop music radio, McRae has already garnered over half a million views on YouTube for her latest single titled “Exes.” Heather Yourex-West looks at her journey to stardom.

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  1. they didn't drop the ball as far as intelligence goes, no they weren't even looking for the ball that was dropping. inside job for pretext to do what they are doing now.

  2. "…hate crimes following Hamas' Attack Oct 7th & Isreal's BOMBARDMENT OF GAZA…"


    AH !🇨🇦

  3. they didn't drop the ball as far as intelligence goes, no they weren't even looking for the ball that was dropping. inside job for pretext to do what they are doing now.

  4. if this is a numbers game then more innocent people have been murdered in Gaza, we are all seeing this for what it is, a deliberate fail in intelligence for the pretext to destroy Gaza

  5. if this is a numbers game then more innocent people have been murdered in Gaza, we are all seeing this for what it is, a deliberate fail in intelligence for the pretext to destroy Gaza

  6. if this is a numbers game then more innocent people have been murdered in Gaza, we are all seeing this for what it is, a deliberate fail in intelligence for the pretext to destroy Gaza

  7. Really just sad to hear about those in Gaza that lost all their loved ones. I'm still shocked that all this is allowed to happen with the entire world watching and no one does a thing.

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    What we see today is nothing compared to what Islam is bringing to us.
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    Clear to see. Stand up and stop the indoctrination of this ideaology.

  9. "..That's 2-4% of the fuel Israel says Gaza used before October 7th. The country's National Security advisor says Israel doesn't want the spread of disease to harm civilians OR Israeli soldiers" Nice touch on the "OR" , Redmond

  10. That federal judge’s probably 100 years old who doesn’t give a shiet about the future of this planet. And what science and evidence do you need to know plastic is bad for the environment (to the tw@t from York Uni)

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