Gaza’s health system under strain, WHO warns of spreading diseases



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Unbearable grief Hospital staff in Khan Unice prepare more bodies for burial some are young children gaza’s second largest city is in the southern half of the Palestinian territory away from the main focus of Israel’s ground operation in Gaza City we were in Gaza City and because of

The conflict we moved to hunas all my sisters died and my son and daughter also I wish I had taken her in my arms my twin sister also died this week Israeli Defense Forces dropped leaflets on Eastern Kan Yunis warning residents they also need to move to safety Israel maintains Hamas targets

Are hiding in that area but for some families there was nowhere left to go British Palestinian Dr rassan Abu has finally fled Northern Gaza he says they ran out of anesthetics at Al AI hospital where he has been working this month making his job impossible it’s been a living nightmare leaving 500 wounded

Knowing that there’s nothing left for you to be able to do for them is just the most heartbreaking thing I’ve ever had to do the Palestinian red Cresent says that hospital is now besieged with Israeli tanks close by as Israel’s raid on the nearby alifa hospital enters a third day Hamas is

Hidden inside the Israeli Defense Forces say Hamas militants were hiding out and holding hostages in and under that complex as gazin are forced to move around they are crowding into smaller areas under ever worsening conditions we are extremely concerned as well about the spread of diseases the the ministry of Health

UNR recorded already over 70,000 cases of acute respiratory infections over 44,000 cases of diarrhea Israel’s war cabinet said Friday in a response to a request from Washington it will allow two fuel trucks a day into Gaza to power water and sewage systems that’s 2 to 4%

Of the fuel Israel says Gaza used before October 7th the country’s National Security adviser says Israel doesn’t want the spread of disease to harm Civ Ians or Israeli soldiers Redman Chan Global News London

The World Health Organization (WHO) has raised alarm bells about the deteriorating conditions in Gaza, where the spread of diseases is becoming a serious concern.

Israel’s military operation, involving land and air strikes, continues to pound Gaza, with the death toll increasing every day.

The situation is particularly dire for those who have fled the north of Gaza, as they now face intensified attacks in the south.

Redmond Shannon provides more details in this report.

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