Gaza refugee expresses gratitude for new life in Canada

Woman who fled Gaza appreciative of life in Canada


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“If you think you have it bad, think again. Rana Nassrawi, who recently returned to Mississauga from Gaza, has a whole new perspective on life after narrowly escaping the Israel-Hamas war with her two young sons.

The Gratitude for the Little Things

After arriving back home, Nassrawi cannot help but feel grateful for simple luxuries she once took for granted – like clean drinking water and the ability to sleep without the sound of airstrikes nearby. Being able to open the tap, wash her hands, or flush the toilet without worrying about water scarcity is a luxury she appreciates more than ever.

The Terrifying Reality in Gaza

Nassrawi recounts the terrifying weeks spent in Gaza, where the bombing never stopped, and the nights were filled with chaos and fear. She describes the stress and trauma her family went through, and the struggles they faced while trying to evacuate from the besieged Palestinian territory.

The journey back to Canada was not easy, with numerous failed attempts to cross the border and seek refuge. The relief and joy of finally making it back home after enduring such hardships are palpable in Nassrawi’s words.

Perspective and Empathy

Returning to the safety and security of Canada, Nassrawi is left with a lingering sense of guilt for her parents, who remain in Gaza. She is determined to do everything she can to bring them to Canada.

Her story is a powerful reminder of the human cost of war and conflict, and the resilience of those who endure its horrors. Nassrawi’s experience sheds light on a reality that many may not fully comprehend, and serves as a call for empathy, understanding, and action.

As we go about our daily lives, it’s crucial to remember that there are those who continue to live amidst war and turmoil. Their stories deserve to be heard, not only to evoke gratitude for the comforts we enjoy but also to spark compassion and inspire change. The little things mean a lot, and it’s time we appreciate them with open hearts and minds.”


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