Gavin Newsom asks Justin Trudeau, “Have you ever been caught with black socks on?”


Trudeau uh is in San Francisco before we get into the news item uh do you think he wore something because he when he goes around the globe uh especially to India he likes to I don’t know culturally appropriate what he thinks is uh appropriate uh dress I’m thinking if

He’s going to San Francisco a sailor suit maybe or maybe given his reach outs constantly to the LGBT D dq2 SII Etc Community perhaps a Sailor Moon suit I I don’t know uh but I i’ I’d pay a dollar to see that as the guy in Robocop used to say but we’ll

Throw to a video and let’s put it this way folks normally when Gavin Nome the governor of California says something he makes me laugh in the department of unintentional humor this time time he said something and he it was actually truly and genuinely funny and a bit

Risque too uh and oh what a beauty blackface was the butt of the joke let’s roll that video and analyze it on the other side good to see to see you when did you get in I got in uh a few hours ago yeah literally yeah I was in I was in in

Vancouver last night well let me be the first to welcome you are the first to welcome Lally uh what a what a pleasure to be back uh it’s always so good to see you uh we got a lot to talk about obviously I speaking of Golden Gate I

Think you gave me these socks last time so you know maybe maybe someone those socks well you know what what have you ever been caught with black socks on I mean is that that be just too embarrassing just too embarrassing uh listen so much uh so much to talk about uh on climate

On you know Drea I think the joke either went over blackf Face’s head or he was so shocked that he immediately tried to change the uh topic what a killjoy let’s talk about the climate crisis why don’t we but you know what I got to say um

That’s a hell of a joke uh to say to an another International uh head of state and what it says to me Drea is that blackf Face’s credibility is so low he is now being openly mocked by other leaders they’re not just chatting behind his back what say you my friend right to

His face and you said that you don’t know if that reaction was just I think he’s so used to this happening now because I’ve seen him get made fun of chew his face like that before and he just immediately you know switch track pretends he didn’t see it but it’s

Hilarious and yeah I got to give credit where credits do that was really funny with Newsome but let’s think of Trudeau he says we have a lot of important things to talk about and the first thing he says after that is let’s talk about my socks and so he’s rooting around his

Drawer I gotta wear those socks that Nome gave me where’s my socks Nome gave me and Nome acts like he barely remembers giving the socks and then and then hits him with the blackface Comet hilarious though yeah yeah he’s an international embarrassment and that’s just more evidence of it and you know

Drea we we shouldn’t just draw the line with his nickname blackface because when he does dress up when he does impersonate for reasons that are beyond my pay grade black people it’s not just the face it’s his arms it’s his legs I mean I’m never I don’t think that T he

Did his tongue once oh yeah I I mean I don’t think people don’t have black tongue like what is that you know what you’ve nailed it I have always focused as bad as the black face is it’s this idea of sticking out his tongue like he’s a panting sled dog is this his

Perception of how black people go about their business they are constantly panting that they’re tongue is hanging out as though they’re another species I mean I think that’s more offensive than the uh black painty slaps on and I can’t even explain that fetish it’s not just a

Halloween thing uh but what do you think about that Drea yeah I remember I probably wouldn’t be able to find it fast enough I’m not as quick as uh the producers behind the screen but I did find an image that it reminded me of with his tongue and that wasn’t the

Black tongue but the pink tongue and it reminded me of you know the big liit black characters that they would do with the tongue coming out and the big teeth and stuff so it totally reminds me of that but if you have to paint your legs black like how long does that process

Take what is wrong with an individual who does that not once but more than once it it’s it’s nuts again people are call him out calling him out on it it’s bizarre and he’ll go to the extent oh there there he is uh I think that was

The Arabian Knights thing out in your neck of the woods Drea at that school that’s a big mystery because you know folks something happened there we don’t know what there’s tons of rumors but it’s very unusual for a teacher to resign midterm it is almost unheard of

For a teacher to bring a lawyer to the principal’s office to deliver the resignation note uh we can’t get anyone to talk I remember uh myself and our uh ex alumnus uh Kian bexy we flew out uh to that school and triy to get some answers nothing doing uh we also flew

Down to uh North Carolina where one of the teachers is now located it’s almost as though they’re in or there’s been a non disclosure agreement uh you know authored but um yeah it’s it’s this idea of I’m going to entirely blacken my body and wear a a pair of jeans with a hole

In it there he is there’s the arms uh there you know I’m going to make sure people know my legs are Black by having ripped jeans you know Drea not even Al Jolson back in the Vaudeville days did this kind of you know uh embodiment of

Uh black face paint uh and I will say this the final note is had that been old video of say stepen Harper dressing up like that with videos and photos do you know I think it would still be in the new cycle today uh and being condemned

As a racist but he got to skate on this did he not hey folks that was a clip from the daily live stream I co-host it Monday to to Thursday from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time the Alberta team takes over on Friday please tune in and

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During their meeting in San Francisco, California Governor Gavin Newsom asked Justin Trudeau if he had “ever been caught with black socks on.”

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  1. He can't go 2 mins without mentioning the
    " trudeau/ GIBLETS Climate Catastrophe "
    It was warmer in the 1700s than it is now but these useless liberals don't want you to know that.
    He is so false but feels at home in San Fran…..I wonder why ??? Lol ?????


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