Fatal shooting claims the life of organized crime leader Gregory Woolley in Montreal’s southeast area

Organized crime figure Gregory Woolley killed in shooting southeast of Montreal

“Outlaw’s Untimely Demise – The Dark Life and Death of Gregory Woolley

In a gruesome turn of events on a Friday morning in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Que., the notorious crime figure Gregory Woolley was gunned down in a parking lot as his wife and child helplessly looked on. The shooting, which took place on Boulevard du Séminaire, has left the quiet city reeling. The Quebec provincial police confirmed the 51-year-old man’s tragic demise, sparking a manhunt for a black SUV suspected to be involved in the killing.

A Complicated Past

Originally from Haiti, Woolley was a figure deeply entrenched in organized crime. In the 1990s, he led the Syndicates, a street gang associated with the Hells Angels. He then became a member of the Rockers motorcycle gang, a subsidiary of the Hells Angels, and was closely linked to the late Hells Angels boss, Maurice Boucher. According to retired Montreal detective Phillipe Paul, Woolley was the first black full-fledged Hells Angels member.

In and Out of Trouble

Woolley’s criminal activities led to arrests for drug trafficking and conspiracy to murder, resulting in a prison sentence. After his release on parole in November 2021, police sources confirmed that he was warned of a substantial bounty placed on his head. Retired detective Paul believes that Woolley was a primary target for criminal activities in Montreal at the time of his death. Notably, Woolley was able to form connections between street gangs, the Hells Angels, and the Mafia, even while incarcerated, according to investigative journalist Julian Sher.

The End of an Era

The killing of Woolley marks the latest wave of organized crime-related violence in Montreal. The deeply entrenched ties between gangs and the continued acts of violence underscore the unchecked criminal underworld within the city. The tragic demise of Woolley is a stark reminder of the unresolved issues that continue to plague the area, leaving many questions in its wake.

The Fall of the Fallen

While the death of a controversial figure like Gregory Woolley may bring a sense of closure within some quarters, it is imperative to recognize that the underlying issues persist. The complications and far-reaching effects of organized crime require a multifaceted approach for effective resolution. The lack of closure after Woolley’s death should spark an urgent and renewed effort to tackle the persistent criminal elements thriving within society.”



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