Dennis, Councillor, advocates for Don Cherry’s appointment to the Order of Canada


“Sarnia City and Lambton County Councillor Bill Dennis Makes a Bold Move to Honour Don Cherry with Order of Canada Nomination”

Local politician Bill Dennis has stirred up controversy by motioning to appoint Don Cherry to the Order of Canada. In a move sure to provoke strong reactions, Dennis is urging city council to write a letter to the federal government, opposition parties, and other municipalities for support. The prompted motion comes after conversations with citizens in advance of Remembrance Day ceremonies.

Cherry, known for his unapologetically strong opinions, made headlines when he singled out new immigrants on-air for not wearing poppies to honour Canadian veterans and soldiers, resulting in his departure from Hockey Night in Canada. However, regardless of Cherry’s polarizing nature, Dennis defends the nomination, emphasizing Cherry’s commitment to community and charitable work.

While some may question why this national nomination is being presented at the city level, Dennis argues that it’s a reflection of what the country and community stand for. His determination to honor a “patriotic” Canadian like Cherry is unwavering, even in light of potential criticism.

Unsurprisingly, Dennis’ motion has sparked the ire of former city councillor Mike Kelch, who believes that such international matters distract from the council’s local responsibilities. However, Dennis, much like Cherry, is no stranger to controversy and is willing to stand by his decision.

No matter which side you take, one thing is for sure – Bill Dennis is stirring the pot and making it clear that Don Cherry’s contributions deserve recognition. Whether you agree with this or not, the debate is certainly a heated one that brings to light the complex and often contradictory forces at work in our society. And with the motion set for discussion at the next council meeting, the dialogue is far from over. Love him or hate him, Dennis’ motion has certainly got people talking.



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