Concordia and student union sued for not addressing antisemitism

Lawsuit accuses Concordia, student union of failing to address antisemitism


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“Concordia University Sued for Alleged Failure to Address Antisemitism On Campus”

Amidst allegations of failing to address antisemitism on campus, Concordia University in Montreal, and its student union are facing a proposed class-action lawsuit seeking $15 million in damages for affected members. Led by two Concordia students and one professor, the lawsuit application was filed in Quebec Superior Court with a request for anonymity due to fear of retaliation.

Allegations of Antisemitism

The lawsuit cites incidents of antisemitism on campus, including a recent altercation between pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian students that resulted in an arrest. The plaintiffs argue that Concordia University neglected to adequately investigate such incidents and failed to provide support to Jewish students who were targeted by hateful acts.

University Response

In response to the allegations, Concordia University declined to comment on the pending legal proceedings, while the Concordia Student Union did not immediately respond to the request for comment.

Unproven Accusations

It’s important to note that none of the accusations has been proven in court, and the class action will require authorization from a judge before proceeding further.


The issue of addressing antisemitism on college campuses is a complex and sensitive matter that warrants careful consideration from all parties involved. The outcome of this lawsuit has the potential to set a precedent for how educational institutions handle instances of discrimination and hate on their campuses. It serves as a reminder of the importance of fostering inclusivity and addressing issues of prejudice in academic environments for the well-being of all students and faculty.


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