City of Toronto spends $33K on branded drug gear



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You know folks I was born and bred here I’ve lived most of my life in Toronto I used to be the biggest Toronto supporter uh I’m from the generation that subscribed to what Peter usenov said about Toronto in 1987 it’s New York is run by the Swiss oh boy has that boat

Sailed uh you just need to drive around see the litter the graffiti the homeless encampment something that was of yester decade you would never see in Toronto and now it looks like Hogtown is proud of uh this you will not believe this story Drea do you know that uh here’s a

City which is broke by the way it went out of its way to slap City of Toronto logos on um you know basically to make the free drug gear uh branded now Drea I understand when like if you’re shopping for a car and going to buy a BMW really the the

Most Salient reason why is to get that little logo you know the propeller logo BMW because God forbid you don’t want anyone to think your sports sedan is a Kia or a Ford or anything you know but the idea of the city of Toronto branding drug gear at a cost of

$33,000 right I know in terms of a budget that’s in the billions uh you’re going to say well that that nothing you know what in the bigger picture no matter where what city we’re talking about Drea I would like to see and I’ve only seen it once happen and that was

With the late great Rob Ford somebody become mayor and go through the city budget line by line by line it would be AG agonizing it would take days and cherry pick all the rubbish spending such as $33,000 for Branded drug gear because that’s step one to becoming financially solvent in my opinion

Drea well absolutely that’s what needs to happen in all governments in Canada we need a complete overhaul I think Feer U paev when I asked him a question about that he claims that that would be one of the first things he would do federally is sort of assess where all of the money

Is being spent we definitely need to do that isn’t is it true I I mean I don’t report on Ontario news much but doesn’t Doug Ford own like a or inv in isn’t he invested in a label company oh yeah we be yeah should we be looking in a TI I

Think he did very well during Co that is the rumor I got to say rumor I don’t have the fact it’s Deco Labels it’s uh there’s uh one an outlet in Toronto and one in Chicago I understand business was booming uh for Deco Labels you know all those little directional

Arrows for stores to make sure we didn’t go down the wrong way of a one-way aisle uh and get uh the co and I can I I say rumored Drea because we went there uh to Deco Labels to find out if that was true since uh douge

Doesn’t respond to our emails or any other communication anymore and uh what happened well knocked me down with a feather they called the police on us I said an impolite question through the intercom and in a matter of minutes A police SUV was there to say beat it and

We did so uh you’re absolutely right um speaking of Toronto and um money uh we have a little H clip I I guess it’s of uh Christia Freeland uh pretending to be one of Santa’s elves about a month early uh dropping by uh to give an announcement along with comrade Chia uh

Let’s check out uh What uh the deputy PM had to say folks there is no government in the history of Canada that has invested as much in Canadian cities that has invested as much in this great City of Toronto as our government and we are making those Investments every single

Day uh you know when we formed government in 2015 the federal government was investing in that year $200 million in the city of Toronto this year 2324 the city of federal government will invest nearly $1.9 billion dollar in the city of Toronto next year and this is money

That’s already on the books um next year we are slated to invest $2.3 billion dollar in the city of Toronto in 2425 again that’s money that is there it’s there in the fiscal track and sometimes a person can um you know sometimes big numbers like that um cannot be really

Meaningful to people so what do those Investments mean they mean things like this concrete investment in The Brick Works that makes such a difference to so many people in Toronto including people in my neighborhood um they mean Investments like the big affordable housing investment uh that I announced

On Tuesday so we believe in Toronto and there is a lot of money that is being invested in the city of Toronto every day no the Brick Works is no big deal and next time there’s a Hurricane Hazel that hits Toronto The Brick Works is going to be underwater Drea but uh

Here’s the thing I’m going to give fra line Freeland the benefit of the doubt and accept that the blackface liberals um hold the record for investing into Toronto my question Drea is where is this money going I mean where’s the beef as Clara Peller the spokeswoman for uh

Wendy’s you to say back in the ‘ 80s like all I see as I said before graffiti litter homeless encampments where is all this money going that’s a very good question we need to get to Mary UGI on it but where is it going I don’t know I diversity somewhere probably I would

Guess but again we need to Citizens really need to put pressure on the government to narrow down where the finances are and cut the crap on frivolous spending and they have this Trudeau does that too every time he comes to Vancouver he’s like we’re giving this we’re spending

This or we’re promising this and it’s like it it’s like that Oprah you get a car you get a car you get a car kind of thing but is anybody getting the car who’s getting the cars I don’t know does anybody know anybody who got the car right thanks blackface I’m sure the

Budget’s really going to bounce Itself by all these giveaways but you know when you talk about F frivolous bending if I may one quick anecdote Drea uh some 15 years ago when the late great Rob Ford was a city counselor used to go on John Oakley show on AM 640 every Thursday

Morning and it was must listen radio and all he would do is bring a file with him and read verbatim about a city program and uh the and it was typically an example of outrageous waste and the the worst one I can remember Drea was a $50,000 pilot program to teach homeless

People how to stilt walk still I mean like a cir the hiring I did not see like this is beyond parody coming I did not think you were gonna see I mean like you know I mean just I mean buy them tents and raincoats for goodness say how is that that a portable

Skill Drea $50,000 of Toronto taxpayer money teaching homeless people how to stilt walk absolutely unbelievable yeah and it’s right there in writing it’s not Hyperbole oal and um there you go so I I’m sure you have examples on on your side of the coast but um again that’s where we are uh like

I said if all these billions uh soon it’ll be trillions are going into Toronto or Ontario um where is the tangible result hey folks that was a clip from the daily live stream I co-host it Monday to Thursday from 1 p.m. to 2: p.m. Eastern Standard Time the Alberta

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“Free” Toronto Public Health branded drug paraphernalia kits cost taxpayers over $33K for a program that has done little to reduce fatal drug overdoses.

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  1. So, the ' World Class City' puts it 'brand' on drug paraphernalia that THEY hand out ?!!! Yeah, that looks great, especially to the tourists coming here, thinking it's a good city to visit…How about we set up special tours busses, to see all the tent cities popping up all over ?!! That should be a real 'draw' for them….Toronto is SO laughable, it's laughable…NOT like you didn't have a real chance for change, a few months back, but you voted in far left Olivia Chow, instead.
    O M G…..

  2. Is it just me, or does it look like Mayor Chow isn't buying
    anything Freeland is saying about their Federal 'cash inputs' ?!!!
    LOL….Gotta love 'Federal Liberal Photo Ops', eh ? Just get out there,
    and 'buy those votes'….at least it isn't Trudeau, for a change.
    He gets chased out of most places now, after all….LOL…

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