Check out Canada’s new loonie design with King Charles III

Canada unveils new loonie design featuring King Charles III

“Unveiled: The New Loonie Featuring King Charles III”

The Royal Canadian Mint revealed a new loonie, featuring the face of His Majesty King Charles III, subsequent to the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. The coins are set to go into circulation by early December.

A Majestic Design

The new loonie design was handpicked from a pool of over 350 submissions by artists and engravers from all across Canada. It’s a unique and historical moment, as the depiction of Queen Elizabeth II has graced Canadian coins since 1953.

According to the Mint president and CEO, Marie Lemay, “Today, 70 years later, a new chapter in Canadian history begins.” The Mint extended birthday wishes to King Charles III and eagerly anticipates sending him a set of the first strike coins.

Stringent Requirements

The design process for the loonie included rigorous stages of evaluation, approval, and production. The artists and engravers had to adhere to strict guidelines for the portrait’s size, shape, and orientation, as well as the inclusion of the King’s name, title, and motto. It was important that the design also be suitable for mass production and circulation.

Future of Currency

There is also anticipation for a new $20 bill, although it may take years before entering circulation. The current $20 note featuring Queen Elizabeth II will continue to circulate for some time to come.

A Monarch’s Legacy

The new coins featuring King Charles III will gradually replace those with the image of Queen Elizabeth II. However, it’s important to note that all coins currently in circulation, regardless of the change in monarchy, remain legal tender.

In conclusion, the unveiling of the new loonie isn’t just a change in physical currency, it symbolizes a significant shift in Canadian history. It marks the beginning of a new era, and as the coins go into circulation, Canadians can appreciate the legacy of the past and embrace the future.”



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