Canada’s Haiti ambassador expresses frustration over slow progress in resolving country’s gang crisis

Canada's Haiti envoy: 'Nothing is moving fast enough' to end country's gang crisis


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“Why the World Needs to Move Faster to Help Haiti

The crisis in Haiti has reached a critical point, and Canada’s ambassador to the country, André François Giroux, is urging the international community to take action. In a recent interview, Giroux emphasized the urgency of the situation, highlighting the humanitarian, safety, and political crises that are simultaneously unfolding in Haiti.

A Country in Crisis

For over three years, Haiti has been plagued by violence, sexual assaults, and widespread hunger. Violent gangs have seized control of the capital and spread to rural areas, terrorizing the population. The situation has led to a surge in kidnappings, with Canadian citizens also falling victim to these criminal acts.

International Intervention

In response to the escalating violence, the United Nations approved a military intervention, with Canada’s role coming under scrutiny. While the idea of Canadian troops participating in the intervention has been largely ruled out, the RCMP is expected to send police to assist in restoring law and order.

A Long-Term Approach

Giroux stressed the importance of community policing and the need to build trust between law enforcement and locals to address the root causes of crime in Haiti. Canada is also leading efforts to co-ordinate training and support for the Haitian National Police, aiming to provide the resources needed to combat gang violence effectively.

The Path to Stability

Amid the ongoing security crisis, Canada is also pushing for a political consensus on holding free and fair elections in Haiti. With all elected terms expired and political leadership in question, there is an urgent need for a clear plan to restore stability and democratic governance in the country.

The Role of Canada

Canada has been working with Haitian leaders, including Prime Minister Ariel Henry, to address the challenges facing the country. While progress has been slow, there is a consensus on the need for a power-sharing agreement and a commitment to moving the country forward.

The Call for Accountability

Canada has taken a proactive stance by imposing sanctions on individuals who have been implicated in perpetuating the insecurity in Haiti. However, Giroux believes that more countries need to follow suit and hold accountable those who have contributed to the crisis.

Moving Forward

As the situation in Haiti continues to deteriorate, it is clear that urgent action is required. The international community must come together to support Haiti in overcoming its challenges and pave the way for a brighter, more stable future. The time to act is now, and Canada remains committed to working with its partners to help Haiti emerge from this deepening crisis.”


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