B.C. health officials report COVID-19 cases decrease while influenza cases rise

COVID-19 down, influenza up, B.C. health officials report


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“New Data Shows Decline in COVID-19 Cases in British Columbia, While Influenza and RSV Are on the Rise”
By Staff
The Canadian Press
Posted November 17, 2023 9:44 pm

New data from the BC Centre for Disease Control has revealed some interesting trends in British Columbia. It suggests that COVID-19 activity is on the decline, while influenza and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) are on the rise. This recent update indicates a shift in the landscape of diseases in the region, raising questions about the implications and impact it could have on public health.

COVID-19 Trending Downward, Influenza and RSV On the Rise

The BC Centre for Disease Control’s weekly update highlights a decrease in COVID-19 cases, new hospitalizations, and deaths, signaling a positive shift from the peak in the first week of October. The report states that the number of deaths of patients with COVID fell to 25 last week, down from 70 three weeks earlier. However, the number of people hospitalized with COVID-19, including new and previous admissions, has grown to 263 as of Thursday.

At the same time, influenza A has been identified as the primary driver behind the rise in flu activity, accounting for 96% of tested cases this season. The positive test rates for RSV are also increasing, especially among children. Despite these concerning trends, the report indicates that emergency department visits due to all respiratory diseases are comparable to or below historical averages.

Unbiased Analysis

While the decline in COVID-19 cases is promising, the rise in influenza and RSV presents new challenges for healthcare professionals and policymakers. It is crucial to consider the implications of this data on public health measures, particularly as the region navigates through the complexities of managing multiple contagious diseases simultaneously.


The dynamic nature of health scenarios requires flexibility and a multifaceted approach to addressing the needs of the community. This new data from British Columbia warrants careful consideration, emphasizing the importance of broadening our approach to public health and disease management. As we move forward, it is essential to stay informed and open-minded to adapt our strategies effectively, ensuring the well-being of the people.


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