72 stolen cars ready for illegal export seized in the Port of Montreal


Well vehicle thefts are on the rise in Ottawa and across the country and we know most of those stolen cars are never found but today the can Canadian border Service Agency announcing it intercepted dozens of vehicles before they were exported from Montreal ctv’s Kimberly Fowler joins us live with more Kimberly

Well Graham the cbsa said in a statement today those Vehicles were about to be illegally exported from Canada on Monday of the 72 Vehicles found on November 13th 54 were from Ontario and 18 of them were from Quebec and the total estimated value of the vehicles is more than $5.6

Million in 2023 the cbsa says it has intercepted just over a thousand stolen vehicles before being exported at the Port of Montreal and have handed an average of 24 stolen vehicles a week over to the Montreal police and with the rates of organized vehicle thefts On The

Rise here in Ottawa in January the auto Police Service commenced project Phoenix with the goal of identifying disrupting and dismantling organized auto theft groups right across the region including parts of Quebec now early this morning an Ottawa Police Chase led to an arrest in Bar Haven around 3:30 a.m. Ottawa

Police officers observed a Toyota raav 4 speeding on strand her drive officers followed the vehicle until the driver abandoned it and fled on foot police later discovered the vehicle was freshly stolen from a nearby home now from this morning’s incident in Bar Haven a 25-year-old from Montreal who wasn’t

Identified has been handed numerous charges including theft of a motor vehicle obstructing a peace officer and mischief to property Patricia all right ctv’s Kimberly Fowler live for us tonight thank you

The Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) announced it has intercepted and seized 72 stolen vehicles before being illegally exported from Canada.

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