110th Grey Cup kicks off in Hamilton, Green Day headlines halftime show


You have the time to listen to me wine about nothing and everything all green day will be headlining the gray cup halftime show in Hamilton on Sunday the Winnipeg Blue Bombers will play the Montreal aletes in the big game and the cbc’s Britney greens slay joins us now live from Hamilton she’s traveled

Over there from Winnipeg so tell us about the mood and the events happening in the buildup to Sunday’s gray cup Britney well arthy the party has definitely started here in Hamilton it got started last night with the street festival that was just bumping we had live music there

And there’s live music here all weekend this we are in bomber house it’s one of the party headquarters here at the Hamilton Convention Center we have the riderville next door for the Catan ref Riders and all the teams have their party headquarters here except for Edmonton they have that big Spirit of

Edmonton party that everybody goes to each and every year now fans have started to come in here this only opened just a few moments ago and I can tell you the fans are excited when we landed in Toronto last night we started talking to some of those fans that we saw

Outfitted in costumes and outfits that they made themselves so that they could be best dressed here at the gray cup uh some of these people have on to 1930 50 Gray cups we’ve got a gentleman I was just speaking to this is his 50th gray cup and you know what so many of

These people that come to the the gray Cup every year buy those tickets well in advance this is an event of the year for them it doesn’t seem to matter if their team is in it because they have met fans from across the league from across the

Country that all come here to descend on whatever city is hosting the gray cup to come and party and they really say it’s like one big family now Carrie Underwood is going to be performing here tonight Shaggy tomorrow night Green Day is going to be doing the halftime show but you

Know what there’s no shortage of free events to do like I said here at all of the party headquarters at the convention center James Street and the surrounding areas downtown hosting those festivals throughout the weekend so people just really pumped up really excited that’s all that we’ve been hearing from fans

Since we landed here last night okay so that’s the atmosphere the fans what about the game what can we expect there well it’s going to be a great game uh arthy this is the first time that the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and the Montreal aletes have ever met at a gr Cup

Championship so it’s going to be exciting no matter what Montreal has won seven gray cups bombers have won 12 they’ve been here the past 3 years this is their fourth in a row visit to the gray cup and you know what it’s kind of nice that it’s in Hamilton is what we’re

Hearing from fans because the last two cups that they won were against the ti cats and one of those cups was here at Hamilton so they think that that’s kind of a good omen but you know what the bombers may have to compete without two of their top players Dalton shown and

Adam big hill who will be game game day decisions we hear from coach O’Shea but one person they can count on is home team favorite one of the favorites Brady olera he’s a running back he’s a Winnipeg native and last night at the awards he won most outstanding Canadian

Here’s what he had to say this means a lot to me you know I’m a I’m a proud Canadian I’m living out a dream a childhood dream playing for my hometown with the winnter Pig Blue Bombers and it’s truly a it’s truly a childhood

Dream you know I I’ve been a I’ve been a CFL fan ever since I was a young kid so as was a Canadian kid this means the world to me but the job’s not done let’s go get it Sunday now the one thing fans know not

Just about Brady Ola and his love of football is his love of animals he is a puppy advocate he comes and he rescues dogs all the time and so on our flight we actually had a whole group that was bringing rescue dogs from Winnipeg to their foster homes to find their forever

Homes here in Ontario in another nod to Brady Olivera and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers but right now the part is getting started well ahead of gr cups Sunday thanks for this Britney that is the cbc’s Britney greenslate in Hamilton okay we want to stay on the story for

That we’re bringing in the mayor of Winnipeg Scott Gillingham mayor thank you for joining us thank you Ary great to be with you okay so we were listening there to our reporter the Blue Bombers will be battling for the great cup once again coming up this weekend what’s the mood like in your

City well a lot of excitement in Winnipeg and in fact the bombers are are Manitoba team you know we have so many fans that Beyond on the borders of our city and so our whole province is really excited and certainly people of Winnipeg are looking forward to the game okay so

We we also heard of course that your team is no stranger to winning the bombers have 12 titles under their belt this year marks Winnipeg’s fourth consecutive gray cup appearance I don’t want to jinx anything and I don’t want to put you in a bad spot but are we expecting title number

13 the focus is to win the great cup there’s no doubt about it even the fans you know we’re are we’re we’re we’re having a great time like Britney said the great cup is there’s nothing like the great cup when it comes to championships in in sports because

There’s people that travel every year to the great cup no matter where it is so it’s a lot of fun but make no mistake the people of winipeg and for sure the bombers are focused on one thing winning the great cup we we kind of let it slip

Away from us in great Cup game last year so there’s a lot of Unfinished Business and uh the fans are focused and I know the team has dialed in okay so for you personally or even for people who you know and wonder if there’s any sort of pregame Traditions or rituals that you

Are going to subscribe to to to make sure that you guys bring home the great cup I don’t have any pregame rituals but the great Cup game usually for me involves uh chicken wings somehow and nachos somehow uh but just a lot of fun

As well and a lot of uh partying and and and having a good time with with certainly the bomber fans would beyond that you know there are fans from that that really support other teams in the league all throughout the year but they all descend upon the Great cup and have

A great time when we’re talking about the matchup now we’re talking about the Blue Bombers and the Alouettes this is the first time that this matchup is happening uh for the gray Cup itself we heard from Britney that there’s going to be game day decision on two key players

What do you expecting on the field well no matter who is in our lineup the the the advantage we have as as the the bombers team is we have a lot of depth we have a lot of talented players uh our our Administration our bombers you know Wade Wade Miller and

Kyle Walters and Coach OA over the number of years that they’ve been together they have built a really strong team for us at Winnipeg so no matter who takes the field for the bombers I know they’ll be ready to go they’ll be ready to play and I’m looking forward to a good

Game now mayor Gillingham we often see these rivalries between two cities and of course between the Mayors too I have to tell you I I did invite the mayor of Montreal to join us our team did so that we could have this conversation together unfortunately uh they declined this

Opportunity for us to discuss a wager do you have a wager a bet between you and mayor Valerie plant if your team wins or if her team wins at this point mayor plant and I do not have any any wager um I’m looking forward to to certainly

Seeing her you know hopefully in in the coming days here uh in in Hamilton but there’s no wager right now but I can I tell you I’m I’m I’m sure that she is as focused on her team being successful as I’m focused on the bombers being successful but you know what this is

Your chance she’s not even here so why don’t you just make it public and go ahead and say what you want if your team wins what would you like to see from the mayor oh boy you put me on the spot here AR I don’t I don’t even know you know

You know Montreal is famous for their like their smoke brisket you know or so so I think something along that line I I would be willing to uh receive you know one of those famous uh Montreal smoked brisket corn beef uh sandwich on rye with a pickle I I would I would take

That you don’t need her to wear a blue bomber Jersey we could talk about that as well if she’s handing it to me well else she’s wearing the blue balber jersey I’m I’m good with that as well but we could we could work out those details yes the

Fine print counts thank you for joining us today you said that you are going to Hamilton as well yes I am okay well enjoy your trip enjoy the game and good luck to both teams thank you for this thank you go bombers that is Scott Gillingham he is the mayor of Winnipeg

The city of Hamilton is buzzing with excitement as festivities for the 110th Grey Cup get underway in Ontario this weekend. The big game between the Montreal Alouettes and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers starts on Sunday and Green Day headlines the halftime show.

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  2. The grey cup is one of Canada's greatest sport events. { NOTE – CBC Radio One is so exclusive, discriminatory and intolerant against British Culture, Christianity and Canadian Conservatives. CBC Radio One does not represent the majority of Canadians just a extreme slim radical minority. CBC Radio are activists not real media. }


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