Why Canadian Living Costs Are Driving Ukrainian Immigrants Away

Canada Is So Expensive That Some Ukrainian Immigrants Are Leaving


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“Ukrainians Flee to Canada in Search of Safe Haven Only to Struggle with High Living Costs”

For many Ukrainians fleeing the horrors of war back home, Canada has long been considered a safe haven for those seeking a better life. However, as reality sets in, many of these immigrants are finding it increasingly challenging to make ends meet in the bustling metropolises of the country.

Struggles of a Ukrainian Immigrant

Oleksii Martynenko’s story is a prime example of this struggle. After fleeing the war-torn city of Kremenchuk, he found himself in Canada, initially seeking refuge and an opportunity for a better life. However, the high cost of living in cities such as Toronto has forced him to work two jobs just to make ends meet, with barely anything left to send to his family back in Ukraine.

Challenges Faced by Newcomers in Canada

Unfortunately, Martynenko’s story is not an isolated one. Many newcomers to Canada, including Ukrainians who fled their homeland for safety and a fresh start, are struggling to afford the basics. In fact, some have even made the decision to return to Ukraine due to the challenges they face in Canada, particularly in the areas of housing affordability and underemployment.

Financial Constraints and High Costs

The high cost of rent and other living expenses is particularly concerning for newcomers as it eats into their already limited income. Beyond the financial constraints, many Ukrainian immigrants are also grappling with feelings of isolation and the daunting task of navigating a new country.

The Growing Trend of Newcomers Leaving Canada

This growing trend of newcomers, particularly Ukrainians, making the difficult decision to leave Canada due to financial constraints and other challenges is a cause for concern. It not only undermines the ambitious plans of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to bolster the country’s economy through relaxed immigration policies but also raises questions about the sustainability of Canada as a welcoming and affordable destination for immigrants.


The plight of Ukrainian immigrants in Canada brings forth a complex and nuanced narrative. While for some, Canada offers a much-needed reprieve from the turmoil in their homeland, for others, the reality of high living costs and financial struggles dampens the promise of a new beginning. As policymakers work to address these challenges, it is crucial to take a holistic approach that considers the diverse needs and experiences of newcomers who continue to seek refuge and opportunity in Canada.”


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