Victims’ family speaks after guilty verdict in Veltman trial | CANADA VAN ATTACK TRIAL



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We the relatives of of our beloved our London family Salman talat medha yum and F wish to convey our gratitude for the support and solidarity expressed during these last two and a half difficult years we have felt this immense support from friends family and strangers throughout Canada from all walks of life

Including those from various colors Creeds and religions we can never truly convey how meaningful meaningful everyone’s outpouring of support has been the affirmation that our neighbors and Friends stand with us is valued Beyond Mayer we want to thank each and every person involved in this process from the First

Responders the police those at the scene the witnesses the team of crown and attorneys the jury the judge and to all those involved in the pursuit of Justice we cannot thank you enough while this verdict does not bring back our loved ones it is a recognition by the justice system that the

Perpetrator of these henness crimes is indeed a murder and a terrorist he intended to instill fear and Terror in our hearts however this wasn’t just a crime against the Muslim Community but rather an attack against the Safety and Security of all Canadians the enduring grief trauma and

The Irreplaceable void left by the loss of multiple Generations has pierced us profoundly the victims who were valuable contributors to the Canada Canadian Society through their hard work and education were taken away abruptly leaving a 9-year-old orphan their loss and our pain will always remain valuable this tragedy underscores the

Critical need for Urgent societal reflection and action this trial and verdict are a reminder that there is still much work to be done to address hatred in all forms that lives in our communities his actions were intended to drive people apart this trial forced us to return to that intersection once

Again that Dreadful cross Dead uh the Dreadful Crossroads where the very best and worst of humanity converged two and a half years ago that juter position between the Diabolical intentions of a hellbent criminal and the love expressed by beautiful tii strangers has become a catalyst for Unity and

Justice this verdict represents to us some soless for the crimes that were committed on that fate full day of June 6th 2021 which will forever be imprint imprinted in our memory we have not been grieving alone and we are not healing alone we pray that we can move forward to build a

Decent and just Society we remember we mour we heal we me we will move forward together inshallah

The mother of Madiha Salman says the guilty verdict is giving them some solace

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