U.S. Starbucks workers stage walkout to protest work conditions



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Well it is one of the busiest days at Starbucks with their annual red cup promotion on that’s why staff at hundreds of outlets picked today to walk off the job Jeanie Lee Joins us now with more okay tell us more about this protest well this is about the usual

Issues arthy that would compel uh people to join a union and uh certainly we’ve seen that happen U much more in the US than in Canada at the Starbucks uh locations so better working conditions for sure a more fair share uh for helping the employer make a lot of money

Now the red cup day is when Starbucks gives out reusable Red Cups uh when people buy holiday themed drinks so lots of traffic expected today ventti siiz business shall we say a good day to vent your frustrations if you’re a a Starbucks employee so uh Starbucks you

Know has been unionizing um but very reluctantly on the part of the employer uh has not come up with a collective agreement at any of the 363 stores that have voted to join a union in the last two years so today there will be 5,000

Workers that will uh walk off the job in order to um take part in this so-called red cup rebellion and the issues uh would include uh understaffing that’s a common complaint understaffing means overworking and considering the new ways that people have to order uh coffee and

Uh you know uh delivery uh and online orders Etc uh not just coming into the store but also uh ordering by app uh in advance Etc and that has really uh amped the um stress say workers and so all of this uh meanwhile even with a protest that started to happen last year

Starbucks keeps making money up 12% that was the profit to $36 billion last year so now what’s the situation in can than Genie similar issues because obviously it’s the same company um but unionization here also spotty and uh the situation here I broke it down for you

With 11 shops across Canada uh being unionized they’ve joined the voted to join the United Steel Workers and the latest to sign up was in fact uh just happened um in the days leading up to this red cup protest a shop in Kitchener Ontario decided to join the uh Steel

Workers and there are some other locations in Alberta in BC and elsewhere in Ontario as well and still protesting all of those various issues but the union when contacted today said that there were no plans in Canada to join this red cup protest doesn’t mean that

You know people will do that uh anyway so we’re just keeping an ear out for that

Workers at hundreds of Starbucks stores in the United States walked off their jobs during the coffee chain’s “Red Cup Day,” demanding improved staffing and schedules.

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