Trudeau won’t say if Canada will designate Iran’s IRGC as a terrorist organization



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It was a simple enough question prime minister will you commit to listing the irgc as a terrorist entity only the Prime Minister didn’t really answer it we continue to watch and make sure that we’re able to do everything we can that is responsible against the impact of the

Irgc with all due respect uh prime minister the people who spoke to us you know they said that they risked their lives just to speak to us and they are desperate for a direct answer from you will you list the irgc or commit to listing the irgc as a terrorist entity

Yes or no we will continue to do everything necessary both to hold that regime to account to limit its impact around the world and to protect Canadians regrettably he never has an answer this human rights lawyer says the Trudeau government needs to talk less and do more it’s really a mystery as to

What else the irgc needs to do to be listed as a terror group The irgc has a documented record of killing Canadians and killing people of other nationalities besides you know the repression of Home in 2020 Iran’s Islamic revolutionary guard Corps the irgc shot down Ukraine International Airlines flight 752 killing all 176

People on board including 55 Canadians and 30 permanent residents just this weekend Global News reported that there’s evidence of upwards of 700 regime linked people on Canadian soil the Prime Minister has been promising to deal with them here he is in October of last year year those people responsible

Now will never be forgotten will never be allowed into Canada but it wasn’t enough to prevent this man from coming to Canada he’s a former senior minister in the regime and he was spotted in Montreal in the background of a TV news report on Quebec tourism in August on

His Canadian vacation he reportedly threatened a Canadian citizen hammed isun Shah is yun’s wife and daughter were killed in the Downing of flight 752 and that former regime official he was part of the same Administration that killed hammed ismile yun’s family so how do people like him get in there are major

Gaps in the system gaps that a lot of regime officials are falling through they’re able to come to Canada and live comfortably those regime officials may be comfortable in Canada people like hmet is smiley Yun who came to Canada to escape them aren’t Nar Shah Global News

During an appearance in Maple Ridge, B.C., on Tuesday, Global News asked Prime Minister Justin Trudeau if Canada would designate Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) as a terrorist entity, just like the United States did in 2019. However, the prime minister didn’t really answer.

A Global News investigation has found evidence that Canada has become a safe haven for affiliates of the Islamic Republic of Iran who are allegedly threatening the lives of Iranian Canadians, and other dissidents in this country.

Critics of the regime are renewing their calls for the Canadian government to list the IRGC as a terrorist organization.

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  1. Trudeau is afraid if he designates the IRGC as terrorist group, he will lose precious vote bank. Also his best friend Jagmeet has warned that any such move will create precedent to similarly have the terrorist Khalistanis also designated in same way. So he doesn't have the guts to take a stand for the rest of majority Canadians. Hes only concerned with selfishly saving his seat.

    Please forgive me and my friends and my family for our immoral acts, please help guide us in a positive direction and please help us against evil. Please save us from Hell and have mercy on our souls. Thank you for everything CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE, LORD GOD. Amen.  ''🙏

    Please pray these words now, pray them as you read them if you cannot look and remember them 🙏 please consider beginnning daily prayer, it is a good habit that will help you if you actually do it and continue to do it 🙏

  3. Trudeau is not going to say anything about his terrorist buddy,s cuz he is one of them…and if he did say something against them ..
    He would not be around long…

  4. Country doesn’t run like this: list Iran terrorist, list India, List China, list Russia, List Arabs, List Africans, List South American and finally US and Israel 😂
    We need diplomatic relations with everyone, negotiate and come to common grounds. Regions and countries might have different prospective, we are not 3rd grade kids that stop talking if someone shows differences.

  5. Of course he wont, there is no suprise.. Trudeau is an enemy of Western values, he is against and side with those that are against equality, pro child abuse, against womens rights, and hates freedom of speech… In the west, the intelligence agencies already know that the IRGC has planted tens of thousands of sleepers. They along with his coveted genocidal ISIS fighter are known to have weapons caches.

    So its pretty clear why he wont outlaw them. They are his allies for our collective future.

    Just about anything he says that resonates with people, his actions tell the truth.

    Canada is doomed.

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