Trudeau perfectly echoes Hamas talking points in his latest attacks on Israel



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Justin Trudeau has gone further than he ever has before yesterday he made a public statement that could have been written by Hamas itself here take a listen the human tragedy that is unfolding in Gaza is heart-wrenching especially the suffering we see in and around the alifa hospital

I have been clear that the price of Justice cannot be the continued suffering of all Palestinian civilians even Wars have rules all innocent life is equal in worth Israeli and Palestinian I urge the government of Israel to exercise maximum restraint as the world is watching on TV on social media

We’re hearing the testimonies of doctors family members survivors kids who’ve lost their parents the world is witnessing this the killing of women and children of babies this has to stop you know he’s serious because he’s using his substitute Drama teacher voice I have being clear as if the whole world was

Hanging on his every word hey is the Canadian Prime Minister weighed in yeah let’s go listen to him he used the phrase the price of Justice a war actually is not about Justice I suppose that part of it is justice but it’s actually about making sure that Hamas

Cannot ever attack Israel again it’s a military objective not a Legal Objective by the way even though Israel is about halfway through Gaza now Hamas is still firing rockets at Israeli civilians literally every single day they haven’t stopped that’s why the war continues to eradicate these new Nazis and stop them

From shooting even Wars have rules I suppose um Trudeau says it but what rule is Trudeau suggesting Israel has violated it’s not actually against the laws of war to accidentally cause collateral damage to Citizens it’s regrettable but there is no war in history that has not had civilian C including in

Hospitals here’s a headline from the US Le war against Isis a few years ago air strikes take out Isis or is headquarters in mosul hospital I’m sorry it happens obviously but that’s part of the terrorist move have civilians as human Shields you can’t stop that from happening the terrorists know that’s

Your law and they’ll use your law against you it’s very well known that Hamas deliberately uses hospitals as their terrorist bases here’s the Wall Street Journal citing us intelligence confirming it but we don’t need intelligence guesses anymore Israel is now in the alifa hospital in Gaza the main hospital and they’ve already found

All sorts of Hamas terrorist weapons in the hospital already that was known by the way before Trudeau made his speech last night so Israel does have rules of war and it does follow them goes further than most Allied armies do it provided a humanitarian Corridor to let the

Civilians out it dropped a million leaflets telling civilians to get out and most of them did that’s not just following the rules of War it’s following those rules of War more than any other military in world history is done I don’t want to laugh right now but this made me chuckle take a

Look on this day in 1944 heartless Winston Churchill refused a ceasefire and continued the genocidal attack on Nazi Germany as we well know now far more German civilians have died in the war which makes them the victims and Britain the war criminal say in his little speech there

Why didn’t Trudeau ask Hamas to follow the rules of War to stop using human Shields to stop shooting at Israeli civilians to release the hostages not a word about their obligations none of those things are permitted under the laws of war or any laws actually that’s what I mean when I

Say that Trudeau perfectly echoed the Hamas talking points imagine not having a word to say about terrorists H up in a hospital terrorists holding babies as hostages not a word about any of that not even in his Drama teacher voice but that last part there the world is witnessing The Killing and of

Children and babies the Trudeau said that’s pure blood Lial that’s pure medieval style Jew hatred I mean why not just say Jews use blood to bake their matah bread or Jews poison The Village well immediately Hamas has used that propaganda Trudeau said it last night it’s already in circulation that killing

Of the babies line it was a shocking attack by Trudeau so one-sided and it was very late at night in Israel but no one less than the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu himself replied at length let me read to you his reply written in English and published on

Twitter Justin Trudeau it is not Israel that is deliberately targeting civilians but Hamas the beheaded burned and massacred civilians in the worst Horrors perpetrated on Jews since the Holocaust while Israel is doing everything to keep civilians out of Harm’s Way Hamas is doing everything to keep them In Harm’s

Way Israel provides civilians in Gaza humanitarian corridors and safe zones Hamas prevents them from leaving a gunpoint it is Hamas not Israel that should be held accountable for committing a double War crime targeting civilians while hiding behind civilians the force of civilization must back Israel in defeating Hamas

Barbarism I think if I’m not mistaken by the way that the only G7 leader who has not visited Israel during the war is Trudeau it’s pretty obvious why he’s Pro Hamas but I couldn’t help think of our substitute Drama teacher taking a run at Netanyahu I here’s a tweet I made of the

Two leaders and how they spent their youth yeah it’s not not a comparison in terms of Gravitas is it it wasn’t just Netanyahu who responded to Trudeau by the way here’s the Israeli leader of the opposition so basically all of Israel thinks Trudeau is a schmuck yair Leed

Said prime minister Trudeau Israel is defending itself in difficult conditions against a brutal terrorist organization while trying to rescue babies children women and men who are being held hostage by Hamas Isis responsibility for this terrible situation rests with Hamas Isis then he wrote a second part Hamas

Launched his War Hamas hides in civilian buildings and Hamas abuses gazin as human Shields if Canada ever found itself under a sustained and brutal attack like the one we face now you would find Israel by your side we expect the same support trudo was being one-sided against the democracy and he was

Smearing that democracy and he didn’t have a word to say against Hamas itself he’s retailing propaganda against Israel like he did when he prematurely declared that Israel had attacked another hospital with a missile remember a few weeks ago but very soon it was found out that it was actually a Palestinian

Terrorist rocket that went astray that hit the hospital Trudeau still hasn’t apologized for his Lie by the way nor has Melanie Jolie the foreign minister who did the same there’s a lot of lying going on look at this stunning half-hearted apology by the BBC and now

An apology from the BBC a BBC News as it covered initial reports that Israeli forces has entered gaza’s main hospital we said that Medical Teams and Arab speakers were being targeted this was incorrect and misquoted a reuter’s report we should have said IDF forces included Medical Teams and Arabic

Speakers for this operation so we apologize for this error which fell below our usual editorial standards the correct version of events was broadcast minutes later yeah what a lie here’s actual images of Israel bringing in incubators and other medical supplies to that hospital they didn’t destroy the

Hospital uh a hospital but there sure were a lot of non-hospital people in there when the Israelis were about to arrive who were panicking why would a doctor at a hospital Panic well those weren’t doctors were they you know I don’t quote him much these days but

David from had an accurate tweet about Trudeau here’s what he said Justin Trudeau’s public reprimand of Israel tonight will have zero effect on the region he must know that in Canada however his words will be heard as permission by those harassing Jews he should know that too he is risking

Jewish safety to cushion the drop in his poles I think that’s exactly right I think Trudeau alienated some Muslims a few months ago by saying that any parent who is worried about transgender extremism in schools is probably a racist should have said that I think he’s trying to win those voters back and

Shore up his support in general but it’s never enough is it you can’t negotiate or compromise with terrorists

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On last night’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra discussed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s recent comments on the Israeli military’s conduct in Gaza. Trudeau called on Israel to stop killing babies, women and children and exercise “maximum restraint” in their operations. He was later reprimanded by Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu over social media, who noted that it is Hamas, the terrorist organization in control of the Strip, which targets civilians, not Israel. 

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