Starbucks Partners Declare ‘Enough is Enough’ – Find Out Why!

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“Starbucks Workers in Kitchener Votes to Unionize”

Partners at the Fairway Plaza Starbucks location in Kitchener, Ont., participated in a union vote, resulting in the newest employees to join the United Steelworkers union (USW). The recent vote took place over a 24-hour period, ending in advance of Starbucks’s annual Red Cup Day, reflecting a growing trend towards unionism in Starbucks stores.

The Push for Unionization

The decision to join the USW was driven by a variety of factors, including concerns over reduced hours and difficulties in qualifying for benefits due to lack of working hours. Partners at the Fairway Plaza store have stressed the need for a stronger, unified voice in seeking better working conditions and fair treatment in the workplace. Health and safety concerns, as well as the challenges of promotional days like Red Cup Day, have also played a role in their decision to unionize.

A Stronger, Collective Voice

The decision to unionize represents a collective effort by Starbucks workers to seek better working conditions, health and safety protocols, and more equitable treatment in the workplace. By joining the USW, the unionized Starbucks workers in Kitchener are adding their voices to a growing movement advocating for stronger worker rights and fair labor practices.

A Call for Support

The union’s welcoming message to the newly unionized Starbucks Partners speaks to the sense of solidarity and collaboration that comes with joining the USW. With a strong track record of advocating for healthier, safer, and more respectful workplaces, the USW provides a platform for workers to negotiate better working conditions, fair compensation, and a more supportive work environment.

A Larger Movement

The growing presence of unionized Starbucks locations across Canada reflects an ongoing effort to create meaningful change in the workplace. It also represents a significant step in advocating for stronger worker rights and a more equitable labor landscape. Given the challenges faced by workers in various industries, the push for unionization and collective bargaining offers a path towards creating a more just and compassionate work environment.


The decision by Starbucks workers in Kitchener to unionize highlights the importance of collective action in advocating for better working conditions, improved benefits, and a more supportive work environment. By joining the USW, these workers are amplifying their voices and adding their support to a larger movement dedicated to creating a fairer and more equitable labor landscape. As the conversation around worker rights and unionization continues to evolve, the decision to unionize reflects a growing sense of solidarity and empowerment among workers seeking positive change.



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