Sinkholes appear on BC farm after Trans Mountain pipeline construction begins



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As a Turf farmer Rob RN is in the business of selling grass not watching it disappear I didn’t get too close to it just uh in case any was going to Slough in but um it was fairly deep it was about uh 10 ft wide by about 10 ft

Deep Tuesday’s fresh sink hle on the Langley farmer property not the first he’s had to deal with I know this is uh number six for me Rob believes it’s dire linked to underground drilling going on across the street as a part of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion after five

Sink holes appeared and after we first shared Rob’s story in June Trans Mountain sent experts to survey the land they did some uh ground penetrating radar and they they gave the green light saying everything was good and then this happens Rob believes it’s also affecting his water supply

But the water didn’t look like this before the drilling started no I’ve been here my whole life we’ve never had issues with uh the groundwater he wants answers it is a huge concern right like I I if I’m driving around in a tractor right or one of my brothers or more

Importantly my kids that drive around on golf carts and Gators here because you have to have drilling fluid Etc that can cause erosion of the sediments it could be they hitting zones that are like that that are causing more erosion than they expected and that that is causing the problem so it’s hard

To prevent everything in a statement a Transmountain spokesperson blamed the sink holes on weather conditions including heavy rain and said the pipeline installation is now complete they vowed to employ further mitigation if required and to continue to monitor the situation RN now forking out for his own an independent expert well I want

Some reassurance that it’s not going to happen again right uh a little more than last time because we’re sitting here looking at a at a hall Cassidy Moscone Global News

When Rob Rindt walked out onto his Langley, B.C., property on Tuesday morning and saw a work crew peering into a large hole, he had a sinking feeling.

Rindt says six sinkholes have opened on or near his property since April.

Across the street from Rindt’s property, Trans Mountain contractors are drilling underground for the massive pipeline project, which will twin the existing line between Alberta and Burnaby.

Global’s Cassidy Mosconi reports.

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