Shocking: The Canadian Military’s Embarrassing State Revealed through Ratios

Ratio’d | The embarrassing state of the Canadian military


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“The Deterioration of Canada’s Military”

Just over 100 years ago, Canadian soldiers were among the most formidable and feared on the battlefield. They were known as “shock troops” and struck fear into their enemies. However, today, Canada’s military is facing a crisis of attrition, as the number of troops leaving far exceeds new recruits.

The implementation of an unconstitutional vaccine mandate within the Canadian Armed Forces has led to the departure of thousands of patriotic Canadians, exacerbating an already challenging situation. Additionally, chronic underfunding of the military has resulted in stories of Canadian troops having to purchase their own gear while deployed.

The case of James Topp, a man who protested against Canada’s vaccine mandates by marching across Canada in 2022, reflects the sad state of Canada’s military. Topp, who garnered hope and support from millions of Canadians during his March for Freedom, is now facing a court martial sentencing hearing for openly condemning Canada’s authoritarian mandates while in uniform.

Is It Too Late to Salvage Canada’s Military?

The deterioration of Canada’s once revered military raises questions about its current and future state. With an ongoing attrition crisis, lack of funding, and internal conflicts regarding mandates, it is essential to re-evaluate the current state of Canada’s military and consider possible steps to address these critical issues.

The treatment of passionate individuals like James Topp also demands introspection. As Canada’s military seeks to find its footing, it must prioritize unity and fairness while upholding the fundamental values it aims to defend.

The state of Canada’s military is a direct reflection of the country’s commitment to its forces and its people. A collective effort to address these challenges is paramount in restoring Canada’s military to its former state of respect, honor, and strength.


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