Richmound celebrates as ‘Kingdom of Canada’ expansion brings new opportunities –

Richmound sees reprieve as 'Kingdom of Canada' moves north -


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“The enigmatic situation in Richmound continues as Romana Didulo and her group have relocated to a local farm, leaving the residents puzzled and concerned. The convoy of RVs and motorhomes, previously parked at the school, caught the attention of the people as they made their way to the farm, leaving behind a sense of unease in the town. The story is evolving, and the residents are unsure of what to make of it.”

Heading North to the Farm

As the RVs and motorhomes moved out of the school compound and drove towards a farm, the residents of Richmound couldn’t help but wonder about the abrupt change in location. Arlene Miller, a concerned town resident, explains, “Somebody phoned me and said they’re leaving. They were just running and hooking up trailers and backed up to the school, taking stuff out.” The uncertainty and mystery around their sudden departure left everyone questioning what would happen next.

Bylaw Inspector and Owner’s Refusal

The situation took an interesting turn when a bylaw inspector and officials from the Village of Richmound approached the compound for an inspection. However, the owner of the school property, Rick Mans, refused to grant them entry, further adding to the speculation and confusion surrounding the group’s presence in the town. As Arlene Miller suggests, Mans’ refusal might have played a role in the group’s decision to relocate to the farm for 12 hours.

Potential Legal Ramifications

The uncertainty and speculation about Didulo’s intentions and actions have sparked concerns among the residents, with some expressing hope that the entire situation may lead to legal consequences. Arlene Miller believes that Didulo’s group has been renovating the school, potentially violating local bylaws and posing hazards, such as asbestos, in the building. She speculates that any disruption caused by the group could lead to legal actions against them. The evolving saga in Richmound has left the entire town on edge, eagerly waiting for updates and clarity on the situation.

The Aftermath

As the situation in Richmound unfolds, it is clear that the residents are seeking answers and resolution. The uncertainty and unease around Didulo’s group have left a lasting impact on the town, spurring conversations and debates on various aspects. Regardless of the outcome, it is vital for the residents to be informed and engaged in understanding the implications of such events on their community.


The evolving saga involving Romana Didulo and her group has brought an air of uncertainty and concern to the town of Richmound. The sudden relocation to a local farm has left the residents puzzled, with lingering questions about the group’s intentions and the potential legal repercussions. As the story continues to develop, it is crucial to acknowledge the diverse perspectives and viewpoints surrounding the situation while seeking clarity and resolution. The mystery of Richmound stands as a reminder of the need for open dialogue, unbiased understanding, and community engagement in addressing complex issues.


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