Proposed settlement reached in Canadian veterans’ disability benefit suit


Final settlement agreement an agreement between lawyers representing veterans receiving disability benefits and the government Department responsible for them they’re incredibly slow Learners um and I think that’s any government bureaucracy you know it’s so big so cumbersome this is actually the second time veteran Dennis manou has

Taken otta watch a court the first was a battle over military pension clawbacks settled for almost 8 $80 million in 2013 now a decade later this suit could see the government pay out up to $817 million to former members of the Canadian Armed Forces and RCMP the veterans abds been identified an error

That took place uh from 2003 to 2010 and uh the government of Canada at that time agreed to make a corrective payment that first error flagged 5 years ago but then lawyers figured out Ottawa didn’t include the interest in its corrective payment and discover two other accounting errors on top of that lawyer

Daniel Wallace says that means as many as 330,000 veterans could be owed more the agreement still has to reach final approval by a court in Ottawa a hearing for that is scheduled for December 18th and it will take until sometime next year until claims by those affected will

Start to be processed that includes claims from Estates of veterans who have died in the years it has taken to settle the matter these are our honored Heroes of our country and their families and all they’re asking for is dignity and respect and you would encourage the government and their departments to do

The same thing Legacy the importance of um standing up for what’s right manj says his Focus has been on healing from the injuries he suffered in his service now and he hopes this case will be the last he’ll have to take on for its part the Department of Veterans Affairs would

Only say that veterans quote deserve our greatest recognition and respect Heidi pic global news Austria Lake Nova Scotia

The federal government has reached a proposed settlement agreement in another class action lawsuit filed by Canadian veterans.

The case could see more than 300,000 people receive money owed in disability benefits if approved.

Heidi Petracek explains the government accounting errors that could now lead to a payout worth hundreds of millions of dollars and speaks with one veteran involved in the matter.

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  2. Reminds me of the movie Shane, were.everyone thinks that Shane Veterans) is their saviour but after he's done his job everyone (the government) distances themselves from Shane because they want to distance themselves from the violent way (War) that he saved the town. This schizophrenic approach is typical of Liberals.


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