Ontario sees surge in health care complaints amid staffing crisis



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When it comes to experiences in the Healthcare System it seems everyone has a story and many aren’t good tonight we’re learning there’s been a significant increase in complaints in Ontario the details in a patient Ombudsman report released today ctv’s queenp bureau chief Siobhan Morris joins us live with the details sioban well the

Patient on budsman hopes by talking about some of the problems that ontarians are experiencing there can be some level of accountability and maybe some changes but he is acknowledging that some of the problems he’s hearing about are outside of his ability to help more and more ontarians seem to be

Disappointed with their health care the province’s patient on budsman received almost 4,400 complaints over the last year a 33% jump the big takeaways is the increase in complaints that we’ve had um over um the previous years in fact it’s the most we’ve ever had roughly half the complaints were about hospitals followed

By long-term care and Home and Community Care that 37% slice of the pie is complaints outside the EMB budman’s jurisdiction mostly tied to Primary Care delays in getting care um challenges in getting appointments people don’t have a primary care provider and so they’re looking to get connected to a doctor but more than

2 million ontarians don’t have a family doctor this is a crisis and this government is sitting on a massive contingency fund for a rainy day well the rainy day is here right now we’ve got family doctors n practitioners trying as hard as they can getting driven out of the profession uh

Suffering from burnout compassion fatigue moral injury that strain shows up in the utsman report in the story of a triage nurse who told a line of waiting patients she’d already worked a 12-hour shift and that hospitals everywhere are underst staffed the patient had had a heart attack and a

Caretaker drove them a 100 kilometers away for surgery when you have people who are are really so frustrated that they are actually leaving uh an emercy Merc Department that’s that’s tremendously concerning to us because the outcomes uh are not good and can even lead to death as spokesperson for the minister

Of Health says they look forward to going through this report and trying to find ways to improve the patient experience in Ontario and sioban I understand the former Minister who was in charge during the green belt land removal process spoke with reporters today what was that like it’s really

Interesting this is the first time we’ve heard from Steve Clark since August 31st just few days before he ultimately resigned over the handling of the green belt file now you’ll remember of course the government has reversed itself on that policy the one that caused so much controversy and ultimately cost Clark

His spot in cabinet despite all that he says the last few months have been very good he sidestepped a question about whether or not he feels he’s been a scapegoat in all this I’ve apologized uh for a process that uh didn’t meet um the test of ontarians it was n transparent enough it

Was too fast um you know the government’s made their decisions uh with the green belt bill and I I support uh the government moving forward uh again my my concentration is on my writing now since Clerk’s been gone the RCMP has launched an investigation into the green belt land removal Clark says

He hasn’t been contacted by them at this point to participate in that investigation reporting live from Queens Park I’m Siobhan Morris Michelle back to you

Ontario’s patient ombudsman says the rise in complaints received by his office highlights the staffing crisis in the province.

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  1. The insurers boilerplate is desperately out of date – and deliberately ableist – won't fix this w / o fixing the issues with the insurers who write the (out of date) boilerplate – and provide discriminatory incentives to admins (etc).

  2. They used footage of crazy Nili in this story about the state of health care; the irony is overwhelming. And then they talk about health care staff being driven out by burnout and moral injury….try again. Did they fire any quality health care workers for unconscionable reasons over the past few years?

  3. Well duh! You can’t accept 100’s of thousands of new comers to Ontario every year while not building more hospitals or providing more doctors and not have a problem. My area hasn’t seen a new hospital in over 30 years.

  4. Massive immigration is increasing the population by 3% each and every year, but the hospitals are NOT growing by 3% per year and neither is our road system. Unless the government is willing to build more roads and hospitals / schools / etc., there should be a dramatic reduction in immigration.

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