More Canadians return to Canada after fleeing Gaza



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Not nothing safe in Gaza nothing no place stfe every place any place they can shut it anytime for Iman a visit to family in Gaza turned into an emotional ordeal after the conflict between Israel and Hamas erupted in early October his original visit to see his siblings ended

Up with him spending 35 days under attack in the region before he could Escape oh upset I’m very sad all the country destroyed I don’t know what will happen to my house my brothers my sisters maybe they will destroy everything he waited 2 weeks at the Rafa border crossing before being

Able to flee to Cairo where he stayed before he flew to Canada the London Ontario resident story is not new but is the latest to come out as Canadians permanent residents and their families tried to escape Gaza and with Israel signaling a possible offensive in the

South where his family has fled Iman is left wondering when he will see them again Sima sarar of Islamic relief Canada says they are working to help get evacuated families to Canada and provide support when they get here including booking hotels and providing winter items a lot of them they’re coming with

Nothing so we’re just trying to help them as much as we can and then we’ll be taking them and keeping them for 7 Days Global Affairs Canada says 367 Canadians permanent residents and their eligible family members have left the Gaza Strip so far with no additional Canadians Crossing Thursday Global Affairs Canada

Calls the situation quote fluid and unpredictable the Canadian government said says it cannot determine when or how many will cross each day internet and phone services in the region are severely limited making it difficult for people like Iman to contact their loved ones still in Gaza and as the conflict

Continues protests outside various Canadian MP’s offices continue to call for a ceasefire a formal deal to end hostilities prime minister Justin Trudeau and other Western leaders continue to urge a sustained humanitarian pods for more Aid to get through Sean preville global news

More Canadians landed in parts of the country on Thursday, days after being able to escape Gaza at the Rafah border crossing amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

No new crossings by Canadians occurred on Thursday, but while more than 360 have already left, there remain many more still trapped in a region that has now lost most internet and phone service.

As Sean Previl reports, groups are stepping up to help as these families make it to Canada as others continue to urge world leaders, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, to call for a ceasefire.

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  1. If these are people who came to Canada just to get citizenship & then went back to Gaza, taxpayers SHOULD NOT waste money getting them out. Convenient Canadians are what they are.

    In order to get Canadian citizenship, you MUST give up your homeland citizenship, live in Canada & support Canada’s economy. If you don’t want to, no citizenship. If someone comes to Canada with the sole intent of having a child, that child SHOULD NOT be Canadian, but revert to the parents homeland.

  2. The people in this story were ALREADY Canadians!.. not by "convenience" either. The man was just coming home to Toronto after visiting his family in Gaza- when the war broke out.. The Muslim lady here already has a Canadian accent.. What's with bigoted comments in the comment section??

  3. Different media newscasts have given differing words about who is being allowed to come to Canada from Gaza. Some say “Canadians” while others say,”people with Canadian connections”. Now I’m hearing Palestinian-Canadians “and their families”. Can anyone clarify?

  4. For a month now in many interviews, I've heard Palestinian Canadians criticizing one government only besides Israel: Canada. Angrily & repetitively … for not doing more. What about the Hamas government doing more? Cda didn't create this war, yet some are insisting on so much from Cda! Are they grateful for Canada's extreme efforts to help those in need overseas (regardless of their contributions to Cda)? Plus Canada is about everyone being peaceful & getting along in Cda. Canadian Israelis/Palestinians, Canadian Hindus/Sikhs etc.. Certain diaspora are stirring up tribal hatreds in Cda even though it all stems from their ancestral home. How is the world going to find peace with this in play?

  5. they came to canada just for a paper ..went back to their country of origin to live there again government of canada are trying to get them out and to bring them back to canada from the tax payers money …

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