Max Verstappen’s perspective on Las Vegas GP: “99% spectacle, 1% competition” – a must-read for racing fans!

Red Bull driver Sergio Perez, of Mexico, left, and Red Bull driver Max Verstappen, of the Netherlands, motion during an opening ceremony for the Formula One Las Vegas Grand Prix auto race, Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2023, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/Darron Cummings)


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“The Las Vegas Grand Prix has been met with mixed reviews from drivers, with three-time world champion Max Verstappen being the most outspoken critic. Verstappen’s disapproval ranges from the track layout to the pre-race festivities, which he believes overshadow the true purpose of the event.

Verstappen’s Disinterest

The Red Bull star chose to skip a VIP event at the Wynn Las Vegas, expressing his lack of “interest” in the extravagant opening ceremony, which he believes is 99 percent show and only one percent sporting event. He made it clear that he prefers to focus solely on the performance side of racing rather than the pomp and circumstance surrounding the event.

Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc takes a different stance, viewing the Las Vegas Grand Prix as an opportunity to attract new fans to the sport, emphasizing the importance of adapting to the event’s surroundings and making efforts to engage with a broader audience.

Different Perspectives

While Verstappen and some other drivers expressed their disapproval, Lewis Hamilton, Verstappen’s rival, has embraced the glamour and showmanship of the Las Vegas Grand Prix. He acknowledges the business aspect of the event and remains optimistic about the potential for exciting races.

Ultimately, the Las Vegas Grand Prix signifies a clash of perspectives within the world of Formula 1, with some drivers prioritizing the business and entertainment aspects of the sport while others remain steadfast in their focus on the pure performance and sport. The event represents a balancing act between tradition and innovation as Formula 1 seeks to expand its appeal and strengthen its connection with a wider audience.

As the sport continues to evolve, it is important to recognize and respect the diverse viewpoints within the Formula 1 community, maintaining a dialogue that acknowledges both the commercial and competitive elements of the sport. While Verstappen’s criticism reflects his dedication to the traditional values of the sport, it is equally important to consider the potential for growth and expansion that events like the Las Vegas Grand Prix may offer. In doing so, Formula 1 can navigate the complexities of tradition and transformation, ensuring the sport’s continued relevance and appeal in a rapidly changing world.”


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