Manitoba legislature in Winnipeg hosts annual holiday open house, welcoming the public

Annual holiday open house welcomes the public into the Manitoba legislature - Winnipeg


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“Manitobans can spread holiday cheer at a historic building in Winnipeg thanks to the annual open house tradition happening soon. The Manitoba government is inviting the general public for a fun-filled day at the legislative building on Dec. 2. Premier Wab Kinew aims to revive the much-loved tradition, after the COVID-19 pandemic forced the event to a halt.

Families and individuals can enjoy snacks and Christmas carols at the open house, with the added opportunity to interact with elected officials. The event will feature carol performances by students from schools across the province, adding to the festive spirit.

Enhanced security measures and extended capacity will be in place to accommodate visitors while ensuring their safety. Premier Kinew stressed the importance of re-establishing the connection between citizens and their representatives. While last year’s event had been canceled due to security concerns, government officials are optimistic that the additional security protocols will ensure a safe environment.

From the security and safety concerns to the joy of reviving an annual tradition, the open house at the legislative building comes with a mix of emotions and expectations. The decision to welcome the public to this cherished landmark creates an opportunity for residents to engage, celebrate and appreciate their democracy.

Beyond the glowing lights and festivities, the open house represents the spirit of community and connection. It’s not just a tradition; it’s an expression of unity and a stepping stone for fostering a meaningful relationship between the government and the people it serves. The historic building symbolizes the heart of democracy – a place for people to have a say and build trust with their leaders. As the building opens its doors once again, everyone has an opportunity and an invitation to participate in shaping a collective future. As we navigate through challenging times, moments like these remind us of the significance of coming together, letting our voices be heard, and strengthening the bonds within our communities. To the residents and leaders of Manitoba, the open house represents an invaluable occasion to listen, express, and connect.

The open house at the legislative building perfectly encapsulates the essence of democracy and the holiday spirit. Both intertwined, they remind us of the significance of a vibrant, engaged community, gathering together to celebrate the season and inspire change.”


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