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So joining me now is my good friend Chris Sims of the Canadian taxpayers Federation Chris um one of my favorite things on the internet over the past seven days has been the CTF and the chicken suit tell us about the chicken soup please so uh this was all inspired out of

Fury uh after the members of parliament and the liberal side of things refused to give their constituents the same break that they’re giving on fuel oil in Atlantic Canada so there was this big thing of course where prime minister Justin Trudeau gave a car root exemption

For home heating fuel but it was just for furnace oil and it was just for three years until after the next election right so understandably so people were super ticked off because the vast majority of us don’t use furnace oil most of us use natural gas and some

Folks out in more rural areas and Then trailer park they use propane um those of us who use natural gas and propane were getting screwed so we’re going to pay around $300 extra thereabouts just in the carbon tax just in home heating this winter so there was a big vote

Happening in the House of Commons and it was put forward by the conservatives and actually supported by the NDP hell has frozen over where they said basically hey give the same carbon tax exemption regardless of heating fuel everybody gets it let’s play fies the Liberals uh who voted to give

Their own constituents in Atlantic Canada a break we too chicken to give their constituents elsewhere a break so in this case in Alberta it’s George chahal for Calgary Sky View and it’s Randy boso those are our two liberal members of parliament here in Alberta Randy’s up in Edmonton Center so we have

A whole bunch now of these chicken costumes got a great sale good Canadian distributor and we’ve deployed them across Canada and now we’re protesting these members of parliament uh so far we’ve just done their offices uh but it could escalate at any moment you know

That’s what I love about the CTF is the costumes really I mean who could forget the mariachi band in the 0s it’s one of our favorite things to do um it’s so I’ve always loved dressing up and the idea that I could actually put this on

My CV when I was applying for this job was just magnificent and we do it for so it’s fun but we do it for a reason and it’s because it really makes politicians mad like you mock them and especially if they’re just self-important overpaid stuffed shirts they get really upid and

Really miffed really fast when the smelly peasants start criticizing them and start teasing them so that is why we have fiber who looks a lot like the Italian folklore puppet Pinocchio uh so whenever a politician lies which is like every day um we could deploy

Fiber we also have a big honk and pink pig in a tuxedo and he’s Porky the waste hater so now uh this flock of chickens has joined our ranks and we’re just showing up now and they deserve it here this is the sign I don’t know if you can see it but it’s

Like to chicken to cancel the carbon tax on home heating right so I went to the Dollar Store and I made that sign and yeah we’ve just been mocking them since and we’re going to keep it up too because they had a chance they could if they had voted if we’d gotten enough

Liberals to vote with the NDP and the the conservatives that motion would have passed and we’d have a lot better chance of saving everybody 300 bucks this winter oh hey what you just saw there is a clip from my weekly full length show the gun show at airs on Wednesday but

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The Canadian Taxpayers Federation’s Kris Sims joins The Gunn Show, where she tells Sheila Gunn Reid how the CTF is protesting lying MPs who are “too chicken” to vote in favour of cancelling the carbon tax.
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  1. Opinion…they are all IN ON these crimes against humanity and treason against their country …terrified for when they go to prison or worse…May they all lose everything…family, friends, home, money, health, freedom and life….

  2. why comment on the NDP voting with the Cons. We all know they only did this because Quebec stepped up with its collision and they knew it would be voted down, This cost canadians alot of money

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