Loneliness in Toronto is on the rise, warns new report



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With a population of more than 3 million it’s hard to imagine the number of people in Toronto that feel lonely we may be surrounded by people but it seems we’re lacking in real human interactions that’s according to a new report that ranked our city as one of the lonliest

In the country ctv’s Sean Leon reports has Toronto become a lonely City according to a report from the Toronto Foundation it is getting worse in their annual 2023 Vital Signs report 37% of respondents report feeling lonely 3 to four times per week 44% of high school students say they frequently feel lonely

When speaking with torontonians the initial reaction is for the most part I don’t think it’s a lonely City no I don’t think so it’s pretty crowded there are people all around not really no I mean we lived in New York and DC and Seattle and not really found Toronto any

Different than any other big city but the vital signs report looks at loneliness as the relationships in your life that you trust where you feel that you belong and so I would say if I was summing up this um report it’s that a lot of folks in Toronto don’t feel they

Belong and that lack of belonging is leading to a need for more mental health support the increase in mental health issues and loneliness are um completely connected to the fact that people are stepping back when asking about the idea of having stepped back many say social interaction just hasn’t been the same

Since the pandemic you know for 2 years we had to nothing else to do but to isolate right and I think that’s a hard habit to break I I don’t think we’re going out as much just seeing as many friends as we did the report also finding that as people have become less

Engaged they’re becoming less generous with Charities having a drop in their revenue also a drop in the amount of volunteer hours as many people are focusing on what they’re seeing as tough Economic Times it’s certainly become more expensive no doubt about that the report adding that onethird of torontonians say household income is

Insufficient and 177% of people people in Toronto are living in overcrowded conditions you know right after the pandemic we have the war in Ukraine that’s on everyone’s mind the uh the stress that’s involved with with the economy I don’t know people do seem a little bit on edge Kevin White says a

Good place to start is with a pet get yourself a dog it’s great great Icebreaker as we hope to become a community more connected the Toronto Foundation is challenging citizens to go to their website and take part in something called The Power of us campaign the hope is that people will

Become re-engaged in their community over the next 150 days and help make people feel a little less lonely sha Leong CTV News

A new report suggests Toronto may be the loneliest city in Canada, with 37 per cent of respondents report feeling lonely 3-4 times a week.

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  1. It’s worth to be alone, rather than having a relationship,after a few years by the corrupted justice system, you will be in the jail,having a criminal record, no access to your child, and losing your house,cars,bank accounts, and then can’t find a job and be homeless, no thank you, stay single and never have a relationship or kids period

  2. I’m in Toronto imand 28 yrs old and never had girlfriend cause I was busy working and paying my mortgage bills and my car insurance and I never take girl out to movies and restaurants cause I’m broke to pay bills

  3. Such a strange word.
    Lonely implies solitude, ness gives it a home.
    It has become too costly to raise a child so we're not pairing off.
    Nature is acting on its own, as usual.
    What the problem is?

  4. "We had the war in Ukraine that's on everyone's mind." – and is the war in Palestine on everyone's mind now? And were wars in Iraq and Afghanistan on everyone's mind? And war in Syria, Libya? The war in Ukraine has been going on since 2014, by the way.

  5. Mismanagement during & after the pandemic contributed to this. Before the pandemic, was this even a topic of conversation? Terrible leadership destroys societies.

  6. It all started way back when, maybe around 2008 or maybe 2010. Smartphones, as they called them back then, poeple started walking around Toronto with their heads down, looking at screens on their phones.

    They'd walk into each other on the sidewalk without looking up, into traffic and became victims of being addicted to a phone instead of human contact.

    Suddenly poeple portrayed themselves like business men with a Blackberry. They all looked so busy.

    I still see poeple suddenly stop on a flight of stairs in public and think to myself, what could require that much attention on a flight of stairs ?
    Wouldn't literally any place else be better to be a victim of your own stupidity than, a flight of stairs ?

    Apparently not . 0_o

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