Jury deliberations begin in Nathaniel Veltman murder trial



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CTV Scott Hurst has more for us this morning Scott it’s the first full day of deliberations for this jury what can we expect good morning Marcia the jury is just beginning their deliberations this morning they set to return at 9:00 so they’re just getting started as you

Mentioned for the first full day of deliberations they had a few hours late last night after 3 hours of instructions from the justice and as you mentioned this comes after two months of testimony and evidence trial began back in September so we’ll have to wait and see

Throughout the day today if the jury can come to a conclusion on the four counts of first-degree murder and one count of attempted murder but months of testimony and evidence to go through in the trial of Nathaniel velman in closing arguments Crown alleges veltman spent months planning a brutal attack against Muslims

And that these are first-degree murders because they were part of a terrorist attack however in its closing arguments the defense countered by saying the crown failed to prove Beyond a reasonable doubt that the attack was planned and deliberate and failed to prove that veltman intended to kill the

Offal family they were struck in June 2021 run over by a pickup truck in London four members of the family killed a lone survivor a 9-year-old son veltman was arrested minutes later in a shopping mall parking lot Marcia he has pleaded not guilty to these charges right and

What makes this case so unique are those terrorism the terrorism charge so what sort of sentence could veltman face if he is found guilty MRC specifically with the first-degree murder charge that carries an automatic life sentence with no chance of parole for 25 years that is a deliberate killing that is planned and

Intentional that is the bar that the uh Crown needs to prove Beyond a reasonable doubt now in this case the Justice in her hours of instructions to the jury said leave the emotion out of it of course when this all happened this there was an outpouring of emotion not just in

London and and with the Muslim Community in that area but also from coast to coast it sparked a lot of emotion so the Justice instructing the jury leave the emotion out of it judg it on the evidence and logic and the Justice going on to say veltman is on trial for his

Actions not for his belief so Marcia the uh jury got back at it at 9:00 this morning they’re just beginning their first full day of deliberations we’ll be keeping a close eye on the Windsor Courthouse to see if there are any updates in this case any questions that

They might have or any verdict that they might have Scott thank you

CTV’s Scott Hurst on the first full day of deliberations and explains what type of sentence Veltman may face if he is found guilty.

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