Israel-Hamas conflict: IDF raids Al-Shifa hospital for 2nd time



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The sign on the door says baby girl Israeli Defense Forces released this video Thursday of what appears to be a child’s bedroom in Northern Gaza it also appears to have been used to hide weapons the IDF claims it recovered Rockets rifles ammunition and explosives the Israeli military also

Released an audio recording it says is between two Hamas Fighters One says he has rockets and asks how they should be delivered he’s told the person should move them in a baby stroller but this may be what the IDF was most eager to find and show off the

Israeli soldier says it’s the entrance to a tunnel outside a building in the shifa hospital complex IDF spokesman Daniel hagari says military engineers are inspecting the tunnel but that they also found others in addition to shifa hagari says says tunnels have been discovered at the rantisi hospital and aloud’s hospital

They appear to be complex systems he says branching off in different directions now hagari says the IDF wants to show the proof as soon as possible but that it’s a slow and dangerous process soldiers have to worry about booby traps and are at times having to work while taking

Fire Hamas Thursday again denied it has tunnels under hospitals still insisting any evidence found is planted and that there is no Hamas control center under alifa we avoid all the hospitals all the time now there has been a very public battle for public opinion both sides have been putting out

Videos this was a pickup found Thursday the IDF says was supposed to be used in the October 7th attacks but didn’t go it was still packed with weapons but it’s the tunnels that Israel has said were the reason it had to go into Northern Gaza so

Hard it says its Special Forces took out two Hamas leadership groups in tunnels this week those are images it wants to show but the IDF says when it finds tunnels where Hamas Fighters have left it has to worry about explosives and when it finds tunnels where Hamas

Fighters are still there it has to use explosives usually leaving them severely damaged Donna all right Mike Armstrong in jerus thanks

With all hospitals in northern Gaza believed to have effectively shut down due to the conflict in the Middle East, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have raided the Al Shifa hospital once again.

Their second operation at the medical complex in back-to-back days follows its allegations that Hamas militants are secretly operating within.

Mike Armstrong looks at what the Israeli military claims to have found at Gaza’s largest hospital.

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  1. How can we believe these clowns after the Calendar incident? I believe its just propaganda and it's IDF themselves who planted those bombs just for show. Isreal bombs so many in the name of Hamas and yet we don't see hamas getting hurt but we see only civilians. My prayers to Gaza.

  2. absolutely set up theatrics, now tell us about how there was no fighting because no one was there but sick babies and children who died because the israelis cut the power to the incubators and children in respirators couldn't breath, couldn't keep warm, how the staff tried to put the babies together for warmth but many died.,dygin

  3. As for me I don't need any evidences from IDF just to believe their statement.what is clear to me in my view is; they don't have to show any single evidences because they are just defending their people againts evil hamas deeds.

  4. When the Hamas reps talk it reminds me of a YT video I saw a few months ago about some Muslim guy asking their priest for forgiveness because during the Ramadan – he said – he was walking down the street and a falafel just fell into his mouth so he had to eat it.
    What to do now, how to erase this sin?…

  5. If this Nazi Zionist army was really looking for tunnels for Hamas headquarters in hospitals, then why did it prevent the operation of medical deviced for dialysis patients??!!, why did it prevent electricity from baby incubators ?!!, why did it steal 120 bodies from Palestinians and put them in their armored vehicles? Is there a logic that answers these questions?

  6. Million dollar question, why the UN is not talking about HAMAS terrorists using Hospitals & other public areas as their bases also what is happening to the hostages taken & killed by HAMAS terrorists on 7th October 2023 until now more then a month as though its a green light to kidnap , murder , rape people in this modern age .

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