Global National: Nov. 16, 2023 | Veltman guilty of 1st-degree murder in killing of Muslim family


On this Thursday night a verdict in a deadly attack on a Muslim family in Ontario Nathaniel belman guilty of murdering the Ile family who were out for a walk what relieved relatives say still needs to be done to address hatred we pray that we can move forward to build a decent and just

Society an Israeli Canadian killed by Hamas is laid to rest her views would not have changed she would have been even more steadfast why Vivian Silver’s calls for peace endure as Israel’s Army continues to search gaza’s largest hospital CLA proposed settlement in a multi-million doll lawsuit by Canadian Veterans for disability

Benefits and Panda diplomacy is back why China’s says it’s sending new Bears to the US global national with Donna FZ good evening and thanks for joining us there is a verdict in a case that gripped the entire country more than two years ago the upol family who were out for a walk

In London Ontario were run over by a pickup truck the man driving it told police he was out looking for Muslims to kill that day today a jury found Nathaniel veltman guilty on four CS a first-degree murder and one count of attempted murder he intended to instill fear and Terror in our

Hearts however this wasn’t just a crime against the Muslim Community but rather an attack against the Safety and Security of all Canadians prosecutors called it an act of terrorism the first time terrorism laws have been argued in front of a jury in a first-degree murder trial in this

Country our Jeff simple was in the courtroom when the verdict was R Jeff Donna the judge had asked people inside the packed courtroom to restrain their emotions but it proved to be too much the victim’s friends and family members gasped and burst into tears as the jury read out their verdict

Nathaniel veltman guilty of first-degree murder for the first time since the murder trial began almost 3 months ago family members of the victim spoke publicly describing feelings of grief and and relief the enduring grief trauma and the Irreplaceable void left by the loss of multiple Generations has pierced

Us profoundly four members of the afol family were killed their 99-year-old son seriously injured and orphaned when Nathaniel veltman plowed into them with his truck the 22-year-old found guilty of four counts of first-degree murder and one count of attempted murder while this verdict does not bring back our

Loved ones it is a recognition by the justice system that the perpetrator of these henis crimes is indeed a murderer and a terrorist veltman was indeed charged with terrorism it’s the first time a jury in Canada has ruled on a terrorism case involving first-degree murder and where the alleged terrorist

Is a far right white nationalist that’s really important because there are a variety of different type of extremist movements that are motivating people to commit acts of terrorism and it’s important that those um individuals are are understood to be terrorists representatives from the local Muslim Community who attended the trial say the

Attack left its members terrorized questioning whether they needed to hide their Muslim faith we are living in a time in which there has been an increased number of incidences that are islamophobic uh and and hate-based but today is is an important step in terms of providing a deterrent for anyone who

Feels or thinks that uh this can happen uh without any consequence today is a clear resounding message to say absolutely not I want the world to know why I did what I did just hours after his arrest veltman told police he intended to commit a terrorist attack

Though he later tried to claim he was not in his right mind due to drug use and mental health issues as the ruling was read out veltman slouched in his ch air expressionless staring at the floor as he was led out of the courtroom well he’s in shock his lawyer says they’ll

Now consider an appeal there are live issues that uh perhaps should be resolved by an appell tribunal it’s a first jury trial on terrorism so that’s going to make it interesting in and of itself now the jury didn’t actually clarify whether veltman is guilty of deliberately planning the attack or

Committing terrorism or both either one of those would have resulted Ed in a first-degree murder conviction that’s something the judge is expected to address in the sentencing hearing next month first-degree murder carries an automatic sentence of life in prison with no chance of parole for at least 25

Years Donna Jeff simple in Windsor Ontario tonight thanks in California a Canadian man has been found guilty of attempted kidnapping and assault in the violent attack on the husband of former US House speaker Nancy Pelosi 43-year-old David deap faces up to 50 years in prison 83-year-old Paul Pelosi

Was bludgeoned with a hammer and suffered a fractured skull toap originally from British Columbia broke into the Pelosi San Francisco home last October claiming he wanted to kidnap Nancy Pelosi she wasn’t home to said he hit Paul Pelosi in a moment of Despair because his larger plan was thwarted in

Gaza the UN says disease and hunger is spreading through the Gaza Strip staff at the Indonesian Hospital in Northern Gaza say they can no longer operate on seriously ill patients the hospital’s Chief says more than 40 patients have been left in the reception area because there are no resources and practically

No doctors the Israeli Army sent soldiers back to alifa hospital today where it claims Hamas has its command and Control Center and late today released video it claims is a Hamas tunnel shaft under that hospital video Global News cannot verify Mike Armstrong reports the sign on the door says baby

Girl Israeli Defense Forces released this video Thursday of what appears to be a child’s bedroom in Northern Gaza it also appears to have been used to hide weapons the IDF claims it recovered Rockets rifles ammunition and explosives the Israeli military also released an audio recording it says is

Between two Hamas Fighters One says he has rockets and asks how they should be delivered he’s told the person should move them in a baby stroller but this may be what the IDF was most eager to find and show off the Israeli soldier says it’s the entrance

To a tunnel outside a building in the shifa hospital complex IDF spokesman Daniel hagari says military engineers are inspecting the tunnel but that they also found others in addition to shifa hagari says tunnels have been discovered at the rantisi hospital and aloud’s hospital they appear to be complex systems he says

Branching off in different directions now hagari says the IDF wants to show the proof as soon as possible but that it’s a slow and dangerous process soldiers have to worry about booby traps and are at times having to work while taking fire Hamas Thursday again denied it has tunnels under hospitals still insisting

Any evidence found is planted and that there is no Hamas control Center under alifa we avoid all the hospitals all the time now there has been a very public battle for public opinion both sides have been putting out videos this was a pickup found Thursday

The IDF says was supposed to be used in the October 7th attacks but didn’t go it was still packed with weapons but it’s the tunnels that Israel has said were the reason it had to go into Northern Gaza so hard it says its Special Forces took out two Hamas leadership groups in tunnels

This week those are images it wants to show but the IDF says when it finds tunnels where Hamas Fighters have left it has to worry about explosives and when it finds tunnels where Hamas Fighters are still there it has to use explosives usually leaving them severely damaged Donna all right Mike Armstrong

In Jerusalem thanks the Israeli military says it has found the body of one of the more than 200 hostages taken by Hamas in a building near Al shifa Hospital Yehuda Vice was 65 years old she was being treated for cancer when she was taken captive from her home on the beeri

Kibutz on October 7th Israel did not specify how she died Canadian Israeli Peace activist Vivian silver lived in that same kabut it was thought she was taken hostaged too but this week it was confirmed she was killed by Hamas in her home on October 7th the 74-year-old was

Born in Winnipeg she moved to Israel in 1974 and that’s where her funeral was held today loved ones gathered to remember her passion for using friendship and cooperation to try to bridge The Divide between Israelis and Palestinians here’s teria isri viven silver dedicated her life to

Peace but did not live to see it happen I still can’t accept it says her son hen Zen the fact my mother will have grandchildren she will never meet for more than a month Silver’s family believed she was taken hostage and still alive her heartbroken brother spoke at

Her funeral I will miss hearing her voice Neil silver says his sister was always an idealist even as a girl growing up in Winnipeg just looking around today see some the the types of people became religious secular Vin uh she touched so many lives she founded the group women wage

Peace promoting Partnerships between Jews and Arabs silver would often Drive sick Palestinians from Gaza to hospitals in Israel she was so involved in trying to help and it’s just so unfair gadir hanni is a member of women wage peace and an Arab Israeli she was one of the last people silver spoke

Toom she believed in peace and working together Silver’s brother says most of the people on kabut Berry where silver lived were left leaning but some of the survivors now question whether there will ever be an end to the violence Vivian wouldn’t have been her views would not have changed she would have

Been even more St Fest believing that there are that there are people on the other side who really do want the same thing that the people on this side want family and friends say silver would tell those in doubt there is no way to peace peace is the way teria isri Global

News the RCMP has responded to a global news investigation that found hundreds of people connected to the Iranian regime are in this country threatening the lives of some Canadian Ians in a statement the RCMP say it received reports of foreign interference being committed by or at the direction of the

Islamic Republic of Iran this week Global News reported upwards of 700 people linked to the regime are living in Canada the federal government has not given a clear answer as to whether it will designate Iran’s revolutionary guard Corps as a terrorist entity the prime minister’s agenda for the Apex

Summit coming up why support for Ukraine will be a top priority the presidents of China and the United States spent hours together yesterday meeting in San Francisco their first face-to-face talks in more than a year and when they emerged there were signs of a softening in the testy relationship

They agreed to resume Communications between their militaries Xi Jinping said we need to build more bridges and pave more roads between each other later Biden was asked if he still believes she is a dictator something he called him back in June Biden said yes well that got a firm rebuke from China’s foreign

Ministry which called it extremely wrong and irresponsible political manipulation prime minister Justin Trudeau is also in California and today he met with Pacific Nation leaders at the Apex Summit the official agenda focused on building economic resilience in the region but Canada has its own set of priorities including drumming up more support for

Ukraine David Aken is traveling with the prime minister David well Donna one of prime minister Justin Trudeau’s priorities here is to remind Pacific leaders that Ukraine remains at war with a Pacific Nation an Apec member and that of course is Russia Russian President Vladimir Putin is not among the leaders

Assembled here but there is a Russian delegation at this meeting of Pacific leaders and that delegation would certainly be aware that in a phone call Wednesday Trudeau promised Ukrainian President Vladimir zalinski that he would advocate for the Ukrainian cause at this Summit trudo will argue that pacific Nations should support Ukraine

In order to ease Global Food insecurity and help reduce food prices in Canada and around the world we’re seeing international events like Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine which has included a devastating blockade of global grain sources that’s denying food to the world especially in places in the global South uh threatened with food

Insecurity my foreign minister Apec member Thailand is one of the world’s largest importers of Ukrainian grain one reason why Trudeau had this one-on-one meeting Thursday with Thailand’s prime minister threa tasan I know it’s been a very difficult time for you so uh lots to talk about in our bilateral

Relationship also lots to talk about in the world at this time this year as well trudu in fact had 15 or 20 minute one-on-one meetings with several leaders but only briefly bumped into China’s president Xi Jinping at the opening photo op and it really is China that has

Been reluctant to commit Apec or any other group China belongs to to take strong action against Russia Russia is is um the Rogue State at the moment um and China’s walking a fine line in the middle it has kept a strong relationship with Russia but it hasn’t fully um aligned itself with Russian’s

Objectives in Ukraine last year’s Apex Summit finished with a declaration by leaders condemning Russian AGG ression but leaders went on to say that apek wasn’t the place to do anything about that we’ll see if Trudeau can change that view this year Donna all right David Aken in San Francisco thanks and a

Final note after a two- decade pause it appears so-called Panda diplomacy between the US and China is back on track president Xi Jinping hinted China will send new pandas to the US calling them envoys of friendship China loans pandas to more than 20 countries with the first ones arriving in America in

1972 still ahead Canadian veterans on the verge of a legal Victory the federal government has reached a proposed settlement agreement in another class action lawsuit filed by Canadian veterans if approved in court the settlement could see Veterans Affairs paying out money owed and disability benefits to more than 300,000 veterans or their survivors Heidi petek explains what the case is all about

Final settlement agreement an agreement between lawyers representing veterans receiving disability benefits and the government Department responsible for them they’re incredibly slow Learners um and I think that’s any government bureaucracy you know it’s so big so cumbersome this is actually the second time veteran Dennis manou has

Taken otta watch a court the first was a battle over military pension clawbacks settled for almost 88 $80 million in 2013 now a decade later this suit could see the government pay out up to $817 million to former members of the Canadian Armed Forces and RCMP the veterans abds been identified an error

That took place uh from 2003 to 2010 and uh the government of Canada at that time agreed to make a corrective payment that first error flagged 5 years ago but then lawyers figured out Ottawa didn’t include the interest in its corrective payment and discover two other accounting errors on top of that lawyer

Daniel Wallace says that means as many as 330,000 veterans could be owed more the agreement still has to reach final approval by a court in Ottawa a hearing for that is scheduled for December 18th and it will take until sometime next year until claims by those affected will

Start to be processed that includes claims from Estates of veterans who have died in the years it has taken to settle the matter these are our honored Heroes of our country and their families and all they’re asking for is dignity and respect and you would encourage the government and their departments to do

The same thing Legacy the importance of um standing up for what’s right manuj says his Focus has been on healing from the injuries he suffered in his service now and he hopes this case will be the last he’ll have to take on for its part the Department of Veterans Affairs would

Only say that veterans quote do deserve our greatest recognition and respect Heidi pic global news Austria Lake Nova Scotia next the seismic science behind Iceland’s looming volcanic eruption in Iceland people are waiting and watching the Earth beneath their feet there have been hundreds of small earthquakes and authorities suspect a

Volcano could erupt at any moment Eric senson explains what is happening and where it might lead it was obvious as roads split apart this week that grindvik had to be evacuated we just came home to get some stuff they have about 5 minutes to get their belongings and then we go to the

Next house it’s now a ghost town 3,800 people and now there’s no one living here from 3,800 to zero they’ve discovered that grindvik sits above a long Subterranean intrusion of molten rock this intrusion now sits just below the Earth’s surface so a molten sheet of magma over a distance of 15 km Fishers

Have opened up all over town but where’s the lava it is a land of ice above and fire below where residents have to be prepared you can almost imagine the signs that might pop up only in Iceland with its unique geology Iceland is a Marvel where the planet’s tectonic

Surface meets the molten interior two great forces first the Mid-Atlantic Ridge where the North American and Eurasian plates are pulling apart Iceland straddles that Ridge as it runs through the North Atlantic the second force that has created this island of lava is a Hotpot one of the world’s

Largest a plume of magma from deep in the Earth’s mantle now pushing underneath the reinus peninsula and these forces are not always on the same timetable since 2021 the nearby fagal Fel volcano has regularly sent lava flowing but right now nothing visible sometimes this molten rock comes up to

The surface but these are separate processes this is a rifting event this is a plate motion event and plate motions occurs in with fits and starts and they jerk apart sometimes there were more than 1500 earthquakes just the last 2 days below the magma is moving but

It’s heavy and could remain up to a kilometer deep all the way to the ocean I hope it starts out in the ocean it will be great to get a new island then the entrance to the harbor will be better earthquakes and volcanoes together or separately icelanders never

Know exactly when they just have to be ready Eric senson Global News Toronto and that is global national for this Thursday I’m Donna freezen thanks for watching Jeff simple will be here at the anchor desk tomorrow and I will see you again next week our final note is a

Tribute to Carl tromble lead singer of the Quebec band L cowboy fangon who has died at the age of 47 the folk rock band has been a staple of the kbec qua music scene for about 30 years trumbl was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2022 and he played his last show to a sellout crowd this Summer in v

An Ontario jury has found Nathaniel Veltman guilty of four counts of first-degree murder and one count of attempted murder for the 2021 London, Ontario, truck attack that killed four members of the Afzaals — a Muslim family. Jeff Semple looks at the reaction from the victims’ family, friends and the Muslim community to the ruling, as well as the sentence Veltman potentially faces.

With all hospitals in northern Gaza believed to have effectively shut down due to the conflict, Israel Defense Forces have raided the Al Shifa hospital once again, amid its allegations that Hamas militants are secretly operating within. Mike Armstrong looks at what the Israeli military claims to have found at Gaza’s largest hospital.

A funeral was held in Israel for Vivian Silver, the Israeli-Canadian peace activist among 1,200 people killed by Hamas during the October 7th attacks. As family and friends of Silver gather to reflect on her life and legacy, Touria Izri looks at why the 74-year-old’s calls for peace endure despite the crisis.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is one of many leaders attending the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in San Francisco, where the official agenda focuses on building economic resilience through the region. But he’s also pushing Canada’s own priorities, including garnering more support for Ukraine in its defence against Russia’s invasion. David Akin explains.

The federal government has reached a proposed settlement agreement in a class action lawsuit filed by Canadian veterans, which could see more than 300,000 people receive money owed in disability benefits if approved. Heidi Petracek explains the government accounting errors that could now lead to a payout worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Plus, thousands of Icelanders have fled the town of Grindavík, as they nervously watch and wait to see if their community will be destroyed by an imminent volcanic eruption. Eric Sorensen explains the seismic science behind the Fagradalsfjall volcano and its potential impact.

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  1. Interesting you/Global chose to use that audio between a H@mad fighters when the last two audio releases a couple weeks ago were faked by the IDF. Do you have any verification or just taking the IDF word for it ?!? ?

  2. Where is the third party report? Did the IDF find tiny machine guns in the diapers of the babies. Ridiculous lies only a fool would believe those blood thirsty Fascists. Calling them Nazis would be a compliment to Israelis.

  3. they didn't drop the ball as far as intelligence goes, no they weren't even looking for the ball that was dropping. inside job for pretext to do what they are doing now.

  4. When I see the Apec leaders posed for taking photo. Trudeau stood besides president Xi, and tried to make eye contact with him, but Xi did not look back, I feel sad for our premiere. He has a hard job in playing among those world super powers.


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