Funeral held for Canadian-born peace activist Vivian Silver killed in Hamas attack



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We begin in Israel this morning where the funeral for Winnipeg born peace activist Vivien silver is underway she’s being described today as she has been through her life as living her life for peace working alongside Palestinians for years and hoping to achieve peace between Israelis and Palestinians Vivian

Silver lived in kabut ber a community of about 1100 people where officials say at least 120 men women and children were killed during the Hamas attack of October the 7th Silver’s family initially believed she’d been taken hostage but this week we had the confirmation that she had in fact been

Killed on the day of the attack this morning Ellen Morrow is at kibutz gazer where the funeral is taking place and we can see that scene behind Ellen live what has been happening there today Ellen oh Heather it’s just been so very sad here today this service honoring the

Life of Vivien silver as it was going on um we could hear sobs throughout the crowd around me as family members as friends spoke about the life of this remarkable woman and that you know emotion that raw emotion from so many people really just says how much uh

Viven silver was loved we’re at kabut gzar as you said this is where she moved to um after she immigrated from Winnipeg to Israel in 1974 there were hundred hundreds of people here service is over now there are still a lot of people here so many

Hugs so many Embraces um again but it really was just the sobs in the crowd that I really think just really really spoke to this to Vivian Silver’s life we also spoke to her sister uh Rael her younger sister who flew from Winnipeg to be here for the service here’s what she

Said it’s unbelievable to see so many people here and how important she was to everybody and and she had so much belief in what she was doing she really I mean her whole life was dedicated to this and we also spoke to a Palestinian woman named Amina who told us she is so

Heartbroken by this loss but so proud that she worked with Vivien for so many years pushing for peace as you say Ellen justy you’re reporting on it filled with high emotion but the tributes are really beautiful so we heard there from her sister I want to hear a little bit from a conversation

CBC News has had with her son tell us more about the other ways in which viven silver is being remembered well she’s being remembered as a lifelong peace activist as someone who pushed consistently over decades for peace uh between Israelis and Palestinians and we’ll get to the

Interview with her son Jonathan Zen in a moment but I just want to tell you what some of what we heard from janathan and his brother hen at the service here today janathan said that his mother taught him the meaning of peace and equality um and at the end of the day

That he is just a child who wants his his mother and will’ll never see her again after the attacks of October 7th uh her other son hen also spoke and he said that it’s just so heartbreaking that Vivian silver has grandkids who won’t know her uh as as they grow up um

We can play for you part of an interview a clip from an interview that Jonathan gave to CBC News yesterday the ability to to uh speak out your voice and in the same time Um stay kind and empathetic and um and relatable so you can feel the love for his mother in his voice the devastation uh at this loss um Heather a lot of the Israelis that we’ve spoken to in recent weeks being here reporting on this story support the war against Hamas after the

October 7th attacks that’s not the feeling uh In This Crowd here honoring Vivien silver her son Jonathan has said that Vivian would not have wanted this war and that’s what we heard from people here despite the pain and anguish that they’re going through uh with confirmation of her loss Ellen thank you

Very much for that Ellen morrow at the conclusion of the funeral service for Vivien silver kibuts gazer is the location for that today

Canadian Israeli peace activist Vivian Silver, missing since the Oct. 7 Hamas attacks, was thought to be one of the hostages, but now her family says she was killed in the initial attacks. A funeral for Silver was held on Thursday in Israel.

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