Female pool player Lynn Pinches walks away from a match with trans opponent



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So now we have uh well I guess it’s not rugby or powerlifting or swimming uh that’s being invaded by biological males but it is um a uh the pool or Billiards uh there is a female pool player Lynn pinches she forfeited her final against a trans opponent you know what um

Bravo to um Lynn pinches for doing the right thing and you know um I know there it’s complicated but when I go back to you know the liar Thomas uh Fiasco this was the um uh swimmer at Penn State who’s a biological male he was a mediocre swimmer in the males division

Suddenly uh a champion multiple champion in the female division my dream Alexa was always that you know the 10 swimmers would line up on their podiums the starters gun goes and then the nine female swimmers just walk back to the dressing room and let this guy swim by

Himself um it’s a bit of a fantasy I because I I met one of the um mothers of one of the real female swimmers last summer and she said the problem is first of all the wokeness on campus if you can believe it uh they might be targeted for

Doing something transphobic like that such as the degree of mental illness in our um you know bastions of Higher Learning and secondly Alexa um there are scholarships attached to those female swimmers you pull a stunt like that she says they would pull the scholarship you’re not getting your education this

Is how much these gender bender loser men are being accommodated so I guess none of that applies to Lyn pinches what do you think about that that uh she looked across the table it’s supposed to be another female uh that she’s going up against it’s a man I think this was the

Appropriate thing um no dishonor in honest defeat and forfeiting this game is honest defeat for her I say Yeah in the same time the is is the same like she would have probably lost or we don’t know because she she for fored against uh the trans woman um It’s

Just sad because again it to remove a victory probably from a like from the woman a real woman to win like the the woman league and I I find that really sad because you know now the woman’s space it’s threatening and we we should like be more aware of that because as

You just mentioned when it comes with the price that it’s for your school and you need that money to go to school I don’t know if you know but in us it’s really incredibly expensive to go to school it’s not like in Canada it’s really different like here I was

Able to pay by myself my my scholarship but in in us we talk about 10 of thousand of dollars to go to to like high level uh scholarship so it’s really sad to see that because those women are working really hard they are really trying their best to perform and to be

First and they have this chance of having like a a scholarship part paid because they they were enough like really rigid and and and and performant and and and and they they see that taking away 100% and what we need to do is stand up to The Lunatic Fringe when we

Talk about these transgendered individuals we are talking about a percent of a percent of a percent and the way they these men the so-called trans women are invading female spaces well I mean last month Alexa when Efron and I went out to the PanAm Center in

Markham just north of Toronto and we had a 50-year-old man uh swimming against 13 and 14-year-old girls so the idea of transgenderism I.E being the opposite gender or sex that’s p a now if you’re 50 a half century old uh you can identify as a 13-year-old that look look

At that age and compare that to all the other swimmers there uh that’s that’s the person Nicholas J Sapa AKA Melody wiseheart sounds like the name of pornostar would have but speaking of pornography Alexa um what the organizers and swim in Canada and swim Ontario the question

They will not answer even at this stage is did Nicholas SL Melody get to change and Ugg shower with those 13 and 14year old girls I remember a day I guess I’m a neanderthal where going into um the change room of the opposite sex of minors would be a criminal offense and

Now this is a celebration of uh diversity equity and inclusion Alexa you’re a woman of course a biological woman I should point out I had to yeah I hope so too but here’s my question where the hell is the feminist movement when it comes to this trans sanity but they don’t want

To be canell that’s it it’s it’s as simple as that they don’t want to be called a transphobic they don’t want to be called of so many name they most of the people can sels because they know that where they work or their I don’t know like their families or uh just the

People who surround them will will look at them and they will cancel them and so it’s probably why most of the people shut them out and just like just don’t say anything because they know of the consequences and and it’s really unfortunate because that man or woman um

No you had it right the first time I I I just don’t don’t care like if you want to dress like if you want to be a woman and you want to be a transgender I have no problem problem with that you do whatever you want with your life but

When it come to swim with like teenager and we talk about younger than teenager at that point only teenager and only like I don’t like if it was other people at the the age that you have like 50 or 45 I will maybe understand more but this

Is cringe I’m sorry this is weird yeah I’m with you 100% And I agree with you a see I think when it comes to the feminist movement calling out this misogyny and that’s what this is this is a hatred of woman when you allow males into female sports female prisons free

Female shelters uh that’s not diversity equity and inclusion that is endorsing a hatred of biological females and it’s one of two things as you said it is um they’re afraid of getting doxed and cancel culture turning upon them so it’s too much of a third rail issue to touch

Or and this is more distressing modern-day feminists are so woke and we saw this with um Ash Davis the male rugby player competing with the females uh when we came on the field they were hysterical in defending his right to brutalize biological females anyways they are so woke they actually

Believe this garbage that a transwoman is a real woman when indeed uh he is Not hey I got to tell you I’m going on a cruise with a whole bunch of rebels we’re sailing out of Fort Lauderdale on March 23rd 2024 that’s not so far away less than 6 months away a gorgeous trip around the Caribbean holl in America line boy is

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On a recent Rebel News daily livestream, David Menzies and Alexa Lavoie discussed a recent news story involving Lynn Pinches, a female pool player who forfeited a match against a transgender opponent. Pinches received a round of applause when she walked away from the final of the English Pool Association’s 2023 Champion of Champions Ladies match on Sunday.

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  1. I think if a trans enters a women's sport,all the women should under perform. So much that the sport it'self becomes useless.The trans would win a meaningless trophy, and the women would keep their scholarships. And everyone would know why.

  2. Stellar move Lynn. Why would women want to play against male pussies who are too cowardly to play in their own league. Don't have a league of your own as cowards and pussies? Start your own! Prove your worth in the sport against your own biological kind. Just some motherly advice for the morally confused.

  3. If these degenerates want to compete against biological women let them start their own league. Let’s see if they allow real men to compete against them. Probably not! That took courage and conviction on your part Lynn.

  4. Alexa, really enjoy your reporting. It also seems your English diction is getting better week after week. BZ! In the meantime, my French diction still sounds like un hommes de la rue de Calgary 😢.

  5. There is a reason that sports have men’s and women’s categories. They need to stop muddying the waters. They are not women so need to participate in men’s teams or a category of transgenders.

  6. Why is there a sex divide in "sports" such as snooker, pool, chess and darts? How are men superior in those sports? Those sports are not physically demanding, so are we admitting that men are superior mentally also?

  7. Good for her! Would that more of us would take that stand so that female athletes don't have to do it all alone. So….how do we get rid of the morons who are letting men compete in women's sports? before they basically terminate women's sports?

  8. He-she should be playing against men. “She’s” not going to be discriminated, “she” will be accepted in the men’s competition against other men.

    If not, they should have competition against their own transgender genders, and no one is forced to watch it, I think that’s fair

  9. What's interesting is before any of this Trans stuff got out of control women were jumping up and down about how they were just as good as or could do anything men do and wanted equality next to men in the human race. Now that Men are competing as women, women are backing down and calling it unfair….

  10. I have a fantasy too. I’d like to see the public supporting women to all walk away and to let him standing there on his own. Don’t leave it all to the athletes, we as a public could take a stance and show support for women by not participating as an audience

  11. I hope that Lynn Pinches's example inspires other women athletes to take a similar stand against this travesty in women's sports. Her action also exposes even further the men who accept these default "wins" and trophies.

  12. It's not complicate. Quit telling us it's complicated while you pivot and prove it's not complicated by recognizing there are only two genders.

    It's quite simple.

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