Elderly driver in Toronto faces murder charge after hitting 3 pedestrians, killing 1


A bouquet of flowers and a sign that reads Only Love Can defeat evil has been left near the spot where police say three people were intentionally run down by a man Witnesses say was driving this white Dodge Caliber lesie Halls was inside her apartment when she heard

Screaming it was just horrifying to hear she was like blood curdling scream Hull says she saw two women and a man injured one woman lying on the pavement covered in blood and unconscious her husband also injured pleading for help husband and the the I guess she was maybe a bit

Older than me so also the younger lady just kept saying he ran her over he ran her over it’s then Halls realized the accused ATT tenant who lives in her building was still sitting in his white Dodge just meters away there was a gentleman on the second floor here

Telling me to get off the road get off the road get off the road he’s going to hit you too and I was like cuz I didn’t see didn’t see the car police say 79-year-old zero Gano was arrested at the scene he appeared in court Thursday morning wearing a white prison jumpsuit

Lesie Hall says he sat in his car watching people help the victims before he was arrested and he was sitting in his car and he was just he just started to like wave his hand so I don’t know if he was like I give up or don’t worry I’m

Not going to hit you or whatever and I just went back to the 911 Gano lived in this second floor suite for more than two decades some neighbors say they had run-ins with him before he was trying to haul in a lazy boy chair out of his back

Of his car right here and I asked him if he wanted a hand he told me basically get lost he didn’t need help from anybody I try not to ever get in the elevator with him because he was just rude all the time neighbors say the suspect lived with his longtime

Girlfriend until recently when the woman became very sick and moved out her family had come to the building to take some of her belongings away and were loading up their C when they were allegedly run down Katherine McDonald Global News

An elderly man has been charged with first-degree murder and two counts of attempted murder after hitting 3 pedestrians in Toronto, according to the police, with one woman having been pronounced dead.

Toronto police said the incident happened in an apartment building parking lot around 12:40 p.m. on Victoria Park Avenue and Cassandra Boulevard, just north of Lawrence Avenue.

The driver of the vehicle was arrested at the scene, police said.

Global’s Catherine McDonald reports.

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  1. This is a very misleading title!!

    This guy's girlfriend moved out due to health issues, presumably this upset him enough to run down her family members who were helping to move her things out. Very sad.

    Nothing to do with him being elderly, he is just a ?

  2. Canadian police , lol ???? WHAT A JOKE .
    Indian foreign minister , publicly calling canadian lie in U.K. , saying Canada didnt share any evidence at all , and they might help in investigation if canada share evidence with them , but canada refused to share anything , clearly canada doesn't want investigation to move forward . They just want this political drama to move on not the investigation.

  3. Sounds like the reason he ran them over is not because he was "elderly" and didn't know what he was doing / confused.

    Sounds more like he has a history of anger issues judging by his neighbours and he specifically targeted these 3 people who were relatives of his ex-girlfriend, trying to retrieve her belongings from his apartment. Because she had the audacity to move away from him.

    Misleading title.

  4. This title is misleading. It has nothing to do with him being "Elderly". That's like saying "White man" or "Brown haired man" murder charge. If you read the comments those who didn't actually watch the full clip think it happened because he was old.

  5. So this tragic incident has nothing to do with his age or driving skill but rather a domestic trouble. Change your title to something more fitting to this story Global News!


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