Death of asylum claimant outside shelter in Ontario prompts calls for federal support



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I don’t normally call people together on the spur of the moment but when I heard about that fatality it just literally um heartbreaking knowing um that there’ll be more the death of a male Asylum claim it outside this Peele region shelter in Miss aaga police told Global News the

Man may have died from carbon monoxide poisoning because he was Sheltering outside we’ve just heard excuses uh from other levels of government that help us on its way it’s it’s it’s going to come um but it hasn’t yet the shelter system can’t accommodate the flood of asylum

Seekers according to Peele region so our shelter system is not equipped to deal with the Asylum claimant crisis 1 1200 are now in that system it’s well beyond its limits 2third are Asylum claimants this morning Global News watched as dozens of claimants staying at this shelter were sent by bus to another

Location in the past claimants have been sent to other cities like Niagara Falls municipalities want more money from higher governments to deal with the problem we need to find Immediate Solutions right now and the best way that that can happen is when we are all working together the vast majority of

Asylum claimants here are from Africa and I insist that the government stop making speeches and start doing something practical if you have any tinch of humanity or compassion in you you would be as livid as hurt and as angry as all of us have been mayor Patrick Brown says there’s no time to

Wait with cold weather coming quickly this 26-year-old Asylum Seeker from Nigeria agrees spending a night here one more day here outside here um I think some someone else is still going to die that man has only been in Canada for a month and has no idea what Canadian

Winterers are like when I told him what the temperatures would be in December he got very concerned for himself and for others um the reality here is that Peele has a policy of not turning away any Asylum Seekers even though the cost of housing them has gotten from their

Perspective out of control and after that bus left for another destination with some Asylum Seekers the one we saw in the story there’s been a steady stream of more Asylum Seekers here you can see some behind me and not all of them are going to be able to sleep

Inside tonight back to you thank you Sean

Municipal leaders in Mississauga are urging the federal government to provide support for asylum claimants following the death of an asylum claimant at an encampment outside of a shelter in Mississauga.

According to Peel Regional Police, officers responded to reports of a sudden death at an encampment on Dundas Street East, just east of Dixie Road, on Wednesday morning.

A man in his 40s was found inside the tent without vital signs and was pronounced dead.

Mayor Patrick Brown of Brampton called for immediate action to prevent further deaths as cold weather approaches.

“I don’t normally call people together spur of the moment, heartbreaking knowing there will be more deaths,” Brown said.

Global News’s Sean O’Shea reports.

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  1. That same Mayor of Brampton gave $100,000 to Islamist interest groups in order to fight Quebec's Bill 21 on Religious Neutrality more than a year ago. And now he dares to ask for more money from the Federal. Is this guy really fighting for the Canadians or he is just pandering to every foreign minority in the country?

  2. Legal immigration is a controlled immigration but what we have is unacceptable. People need to stay in their own country and take care of themselves. Canadian citizen live paycheck to paycheck so how can we help people from other countries.

  3. almost all of the asylum claimants are economic refugees….they're just after a job/ free welfare. We have a lot of CANADIANS living in the park across from us….they're permanently homeless because they can't afford apts anywhere in S ONtario. (not even the small towns.) Too bad we're not worried about them as well.

  4. It’s a federal problem that’s been dumped on the provinces to deal with. The wildly irresponsible system the feds have utilized is killing ppl. But hey, as long as it gets Trudeau a seat on the UN what matter?

  5. So when a third or fourth generation Canadian, whose family has paid into the system with hard work and taxes for over a hundred years dies, not a peep? But someone who just got here dies and there is a giant press conference?? Any death is sad, and anyone coming here for a better life who is willing to work should be able to get it. But, let us face reality, many homeless Canadians die each year with not an eyebrow raised.

  6. Maybe Patrick brown could give them his personal arena time to shelter in the arena. He took it during covid, so this winter shouldn't be a problem. I mean, his hockey sticks and bag say hes the "great one". What a clown

  7. I have been hearing a lot of comments regards sending these people home that are asylum seekers. Has anyone stopped to think sbout the conflicts, destabilization and economic devastation our governments has caused in Africa. The riches County but the poorest nation of people. Don't blame these people for wanting a beter life, blame your corrupt, thieving, murdering governments. Britton, American, Canada France, Spain, Belgium and your Pope! History is here for everyone to know.

  8. That Nigerian guy with that fluffy arctic bear looks like a very promising future for Canada. We (the government) want to be a third-world country, no problem, bring millions of millions of people from those countries.

  9. he died of carbon monoxide poisoning because he was sheltering outside? you mean he was using a propane burner or something inside a tent? i mean… i am guessing he didn't arrive through the proper channels.

  10. The best form of "help" the federal government could give, is start rejecting and deporting "claimants". They passed through the US, and do not qualify for refugee status here. Sometimes you need to be cruel to be kind.

  11. Time to end asylum programs in all countries. Canada and America's systems have all but failed. There are more victims seeking asylum dying in North America than there are things to flee in South America. The criminals are flooding across the continent while actual asylum seekers are endlessly waiting. Dying in the name of humanitarianism is a fool's death.

  12. Have credit and cash bounce of eachother and pay your tithes to the powers that be. Those are the keys to building a house building empire. Also when scouting potential employees don’t look at the history or references or even etiquette for that manner. One simple test: shake their hands and if you feel callous, hire them on the spot, it’s a testament to their character as it’s something you can’t teach as opposed to on the job training.

  13. No! I’m already paying for the refugees coming to BC, I can’t afford to pay for the ones going to Brampton too. This isn’t governments money to spend and if this mayor gets money then other mayors will want money. NO!!! We have to SLAM the brakes on mass migration.

  14. Unless all levels of government co operate, especially the Feds, this will be the first death of many homeless poeple.
    It's unacceptable for the poeple who's job it is , in some circumstances who are housed, are paid, given great perks, pensions and prestige , to let anyone die on the streets anywhere in Canada , refugee or not. No one should be left to die as a victim of being homeless in Canada.
    Canadian citizens should not be homeless , nor anyone else seeking refuge in Canada.


  15. This is horrible. This would not have happened if Trudeau didn’t spread the idea that Canada is open to everyone. Now we have every folks that’s not ready for our winter flocking in droves.

  16. Foreigners, refugees, asylum seekers cost Canadian taxpayers billions of dollars, it’ll never be enough and they continue to be bussed into the country. Canadians can’t afford to house and feed themselves let alone hundreds of thousands from other countries

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