Children’s hospital foundation supports irreversible gender transition for 10-year-old

Children’s hospital foundation encouraged irreversible gender transition of 10-year-old


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The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba recently became the center of a major controversy over a social media post. The post was about a 10-year-old child who expressed a strong desire to undergo a surgical gender transition. While the foundation’s intent was to show support and encouragement, the post sparked outrage and accusations from critics.

The Controversial Post

The post featured a patient named “Mary” who, at a young age, expressed a longing to be recognized as a “real girl.” Mary’s story highlights her desire to have girl body parts and anticipates taking hormones to aid her transition. The foundation’s post also delved into Mary’s concerns about future dating and thoughts on not having children due to her career aspirations.

Critics Response

Critics, including journalists and columnists, expressed concern and outrage about the foundation’s post. Some labeled it as encouraging a child to pursue lifelong, and potentially unnecessary, medical interventions. With fears of potential sterilization and the psychological impact of such drastic measures at a young age, the foundation faced severe scrutiny from various quarters.

An Attempt at Damage Control

In response to the backlash, the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba attempted to justify their perspective on social media. However, the attempt did little to quell the escalating controversy and public outcry.


This controversy raises broader questions about the appropriate age and circumstances for considering gender-affirming treatments for young individuals. It’s an issue that demands a balanced and nuanced approach, taking into account various perspectives, including ethical, legal, and medical considerations. The focus should be on ensuring the well-being and best interests of the child while also respecting the rights and responsibilities of parents and guardians. Ultimately, this case underscores the need for thoughtful discussion and careful consideration when it comes to matters of gender identity and children’s healthcare.


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